Free Reading Young Kangaroo By Margaret Wise Brown –

On the grassy plains of Australia, a kangaroo is born Within the safety of his mother s warm pouch he slowly becomes aware of all the different sights and sounds and smells around him Warily poking his head out for the first time, he is startled by the bright light of the sun Later he is soothed by the soft glow of the stars at night One day he tumbles out of the pouch and is surprised and a little frightened to find himself standing on the ground on his own two feet But he is still a very small and young kangaroo and discovers that, although he is growing fast, he needs his mother very muchThis charming yet simple story, long out of print, by one of America s most beloved children s book authors has been given new life here with illustrations by Jennifer Dewey

10 thoughts on “Young Kangaroo

  1. N N says:

    I like how this book not only teaches readers about the development of a baby kangaroo, but also invites them to imagine what the baby kangaroo must be thinking at every stage of development Not necessarily what a person might think of when they think of a STEM STEAM book, but I think it would work really well.

  2. Heather Heather says:

    This has nice, solid information about kangaroos told in a story format It didn t feel sciency at all All my kids enjoyed it The 4 yr old was really upset about the part where the dingoes chase the mum kangaroo and she pushes the baby out and isn t able to find him until the next day Once it resolved he felt better, but he spent several days asking why she did that and commenting on how sad and scary it was for the joey.A good book for the younger elementary years.

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    This has the feel of a nonfiction book at first There s lots of detail it s a long story about a baby kangaroo and how he first experiences the world The little joey relies on his mother completely, and there are many dangers she protects him from Soft colored pencil illustrations give realistic support to the story.

  4. Paula Paula says:

    Lot of text A tiny kangaroo is born and moves into his mother s pouch, where he grows big enough to be interested in the world around him long before he actually leaves her pouch to investigate further.

  5. Anna Anna says:

    AHHHHHHHH.CUTENESS.The narrative story of how kangaroos are made and born and raised.

  6. Bonnie Pohlig Bonnie Pohlig says:

    Nice pictures, and although it doesn t have any references, I feel like a lot of the information is correct A good way to learn about kangaroos, and it s a nice little story.