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The electrifying number one New York Times bestselling authors of An Anonymous Girl and The Wife Between Us return with a brand new novel of psychological suspenseShay Miller wants to find love, but it eludes her She wants to be fulfilled, but her job is a dead end She wants to belong, but her life is increasingly lonelyUntil Shay meets the Moore sisters Cassandra and Jane live a life of glamorous perfection, and always get what they desire When they invite Shay into their circle, everything seems to get better Shay would die for them to like her She may have toLength:hours,minutes Huge fan of these authors! I held off reading reviews until I finished this one and I would recommend doing the same (mixed reviews from my goodreads friends).I really enjoyed it from the start The way the authors left the clues along the path was brilliant! I like to put the puzzle together as I'm reading.Shay Miller has a thing for data (she even collects it in a special book) I found these excerpts fascinating. Some studies show that eating alone isstrongly associated with unhappiness than any other factor.   I found Shay to be a sympathetic character and I was pulling for her all the way She seemed lonely and vulnerable.I felt uneasy when she began hanging out with the beautiful Moore sisters, who turned heads and lived a glam life.Could their be room for Shay in the Moore sisters world?  Or perhaps she should just run?I enjoyed it and predicted some, but not all of the turns that came rumbling in with just the right amount of tension.Thanks to NG/ ST Martin's Press for my copy!OUT March 2020 Numbers never lie Statistics, charts, percentagesthey don't contain hidden agendas or shades of gray They're pure and true It isn't until people start meddling with them, spinning and shaping them, that they become dishonest.Oof, this is a tough one to review, because there is such a small amount of content I can discuss here without taking away from your reading experience I'm going to tiptoe around the spoiler mines planted throughout, and my goal is to leave you wanting to read the book without ruining a single detail along the way Obviously if you've enjoyed the author duos' previous two novels, you'll most likely enjoy this one as well, because the mode of storytelling is similar to The Wife Between Us and An Anonymous Girl Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks are masters of the art of deception, and consistently throw twists and turns our way via half truths and omissive text To readers of mysteries and thrillers, this is one of the highest forms of flattery, because it is reminiscent of the traditional form of storytelling that Dame Agatha Christie used in some of her most popular works Even the first chapter, where the details aren't vital to the endgame of the plot, contains crafty word play that places the reader on high alert, which is one of the major reasons that I love S G's books Between this writing style and the ever changing POVs to tell the story in a deliciously chaotic format, I was hooked immediately by You Are Not Alone As two of today's most prolific domestic drama writers, I don't think I'll have to do much convincing for you to add this to your TBR, but on the off chance that you're new to these authors, this is a wonderful place to jump in If you're anxiously awaiting the release of You Are Not Alone, there's always time to back track and read their previous two novels! Highly recommended!*Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. **3.5stars rounded up**Shay Miller, a 30something data researcher living in New York City, could be described as a loner Estranged from her family, with few close friends, she spends a good portion of her time on her own.Sharing an apartment with a cute guy, who she happens to have an unrequited crush on, is the current highlight of her existence That is until he gets a new girlfriend, Jody, who slowly begins pushing Shay out.Shay knows her days in the apartment are numbered, so like her numerous temp jobs, her living situation is unstable.As her life seemingly drifts out of her control, Shay witnesses a horrific event on a subway platform that unknowingly sets her on a new course.Witnessing a young woman's suicide, Shay is understandably shaken She feels like she could have done something to prevent it.Compelled to learnabout this tragic girl, she discovers her name, Amanda Evinger, and curiously enough ends up attending her memorial service.Once there, surrounded by Amanda's friends and loved ones, Shay tries to blend in as well as she can She invents a loose acquaintance to Amanda for her cover story.Everyone is so nice to her, including the glamorous Moore sisters, Cassandra and Jane Despite herself, Shay gets caught up in the warmth of the service and begins to let her guard down.After the Moore sisters come into her orbit, things begin to fall into place for Shay She suddenly finds herself with an alternative living arrangement, a better job, and a potential love life.When things seem too good too be true, however, they often are.What happens next is a wild ride through the streets of New York City, as Shay slowly pieces together the truth of the Moore sisters.Who is friend? Who is foe? If you don't read this book, you may never know!Much like previous works by Hendricks and Pekkanen, You Are Not Alone does a great job of building suspense throughout Alternating perspectives help to amp up your sense of dread as you rush towards the final conclusion I was biting my nails, for sure!Although farfetched, it was also definitely tense, which is one of the main elements I am looking for in a Thriller I really enjoyed Shay and was feeling everything she was feeling.At first, I had no clue what was happening and as it was revealed, I thought, how clever.Thank you so much to the publisher, St Martin's Press, for providing me with a copy to read and review I appreciate the opportunity and will continue to read anything this dynamic duo writes! The authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen have established themselves as writers of the most twisted and tense of psychological thrillers and they do not disappoint with their latest offering set in New York Shay lives a humdrum life, she shares a small apartment with Sean, a friend who is now in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, Jody, and as the dynamics between them change, she feels shut out She is working temp jobs, feeling unsatisfied career wise, plagued by financial worries, filling her notebook with a range of statistics and an odd collection of disparate data She is desperately lonely, unfulfilled, facing a emotional desert when it comes to a personal life, simply craving to belong and connect with others On a subway platform, she witnesses the disturbing suicide of a young woman who jumps in front of a fast moving train She begins to obsess with the victim, haunted by the tragedy, as she begins to delve into her life, wondering what on earth made her want to take her own life This leads Shay into attending the memorial service where she meets two strong sisters in their 30s, Cassandra and Jane Moore, a meeting that is to trigger the downward spiral of her life into a hellish nightmare The beautiful and successful Moore sisters pull Shay into their carefully chosen and tested close inner circle of friends As far as Shay is concerned, they are everything she wants to be, as she is drawn like a moth to a flame, particularly as her life begins to improve beyond recognition, but can she trust the new paths that have opened up to her? This is a complex, chaotic, dark and entertaining read as we follow the sinister and menacing turns that Shay's life takes upon meeting the charismatic Moore sisters A compulsive novel that I recommend to readers who enjoy their twisty and unsettling psychological thrillers Many thanks to Pan Macmillan for an ARC. Woo hoo they did it again!!! Fabulous book Brilliant audio Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen have written an addictive and compelling story Barrie Kreinik and Dylan Moore brought the captivating tale to life with their exceptional audio narration Just like the previous two books from this dynamic writing dual this book was twisted and filled with complex characters It’s like putting together a giant puzzle when you’re not certain you have all the pieces Their stories really dive deep into their character’s brains their psyches Twists, turns, misdirections, lies Shay is in need of a new job, a new love, and a new place to live One Sunday morning she is heading off to work to escape her loveydovey roommate and his new girlfriend When waiting for the subway she witnesses a woman jump onto the tracks to her death Shay is shook and a little obsessed with what made this woman jump In trying to understand Amanda‘s (the girl who jumped) motivations she runs across sisters Cassondra and Jane Moore What follows is a crazy, captivating, and disturbing story that asks a lot of questions, and gives few answers A riveting story with a startling ending This is probably not my favorite from this author team, but it was definitely entertaining, engaging, and left me wanting .This book in emojis 🚇🚕🗽🏙🎒📓🖊*** Big thank you to St Martin’s Press, Macmillan Audio, and libro.fm for my gifted copy of this book All opinions are my own *** NO SPOILERS.(rather, thoughts, feelings, tidbits and teasers) “An orbit is a regular, repeating path that one object in space takes another one” [this quote is not from this bookbut it relates]This is the 3rd psychological thriller I’ve read by the powerteam coauthors: Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen.Greer and Sarah have matching Tshirts that say.”Better Together” ( cute)Their philosophy about ‘togethernesspower’, in You Are Not Alone”, comes through loud and clear.yet along the same thoughts of food combining: some combinations make for a delicious satisfying meal; if too many ingredients are added, it can be havoc on our digestive systems The writing succeeded at keeping me suspensefully engaged to the endbut there ‘were’ unnecessary ingredients Some scenes were a stretch to seem remotely possible And a few characters were presented like a garnish.( a little parsley on the side) I read much of this book like a gatherer Instead of racing through it ( yet, I read at a steady stream) I was aware of gathering my marbles.polishing them.arranging them.separating themand playing with them Lots of names and details I wanted to keep straight It wasn’t hard to do ( credit to the powerauthors)but just in case.haha.I was covering my tracks and being careful not to forget anything I wanted to figure out the ending before I got to it I didn’t ( credit the authors again).There are a lot of characters in this book I didn’t want to miss one iota of a clue.or forget one name.I involved myself with the authors game as much as possible There are many puzzle pieces to put together Some pieces went together faster then others Blindsiding storytelling aspects are stronger than the plot Which was fine with me once I realized the name of the game.”You Are Not Alone”.And.I’m ALWAYS HAPPY that the Greer/Sarah ladies never exploit graphic violence in their novels I had a clue about the ‘woman’s group’ and their purpose together early on but I was still missing pieces The ending added an interesting element but when I looked at the ‘entire’ book.not every loose end was tied perfectly together Flaws and all.I’m glad I read it I don’t think it’s the authors strongest of their three books but its definitely engaging 4 4.5 rating a little less than 5 stars ( as their past two books were).Yetmy thoughts are still growing I’m left thinking about consequences to consequential and inconsequential actions Also at times it felt like ants were crawling all over my skin.A friend sent me a “what ya doing”, text right in the middle of my trying to tie strings together in this story: during a part I felt was CUCKOO CRAZY( coincidences galore gullible silliness).I said”go away”.I’m busy rolling my eyes and walking on nails My friend wouldn’t go away until I shared some juicy details I realized it was fun discussing the shenanigans — so our early discussion became part of my reading enjoyment At first glance it looks like the powerful Moore sisters: Casandra and Jane ( 2 years apart in age in their 30’s), have built their life around their selected friends.preserving and demanding sacredness and loyalty “I get a good vibe from Amanda, Valerie had said to the rest of the women—Casandra, Jane, Beth, Stacey, and Daphne— during their next meeting You’ve all spent a little time with her by now I think she’s one of us”.ONE OF WHAT?????..I WONDERED.The girls took a vote by raising their hands It was unanimous but the vote didn’t mean Amanda would be invited in the group It merely meant that the six women had decided to test her TEST WHAT??? WHAT TYPE OF GROUP WAS THIS?A little about the character *Shay*:Shay had a great friendship with her ‘guyapartmentmate’: Sean But once Sean became a serious couple with JodyShay felt like a third wheel to ‘Sean Jody’s’ cuddling on the couch, cooking together, and their giggly ‘togetherness’ Shay was a statistician type girl She kept a data notebook.on thoughtprovoking probabilities Examples of her data book entries:.”I once read a horrifying statistic that I’ve never been able to get out of my mind: cutting boards contain 200 percentfecal bacteria than a toilet seat””Fortythree percent of American’s feel isolated”.”In a study of people who had witnessed suicide”.”If you’re going to tell a premeditated lie, here’s how to do it”.”About onethird of all injuries occur at home, and one of the most dangerous areas is the kitchen”.”Nurses have access to fentanyl, OxyContin, Valium, Percocet, Vicodin”.etc.We know a lot about Shay right away Her temp job Her insecuritiesher financial concernsher desire to belong, connect, to have good friends, her loneliness, her values and routines.and the repercussions from witnessing a tragic symbolichornet’s nest “I’ve felt many things in the city I’ve lived in for nearly a decade: (NYC)hopeful, despondent, joyful, irritated, and deeply lonely But I’ve never felt the gutwrenching primal sense of fear I experienced just now when I” 😉 no spoilers, remember?You’ll meet many characters and learn their back stories:Cassandra, Jane, Valerie, Amanda, Beth, Daphne, Stacey, Kit, Sean, Jodi, James, Oliver, Detective Santiago, Detective Williams, etc Other tidbits:Enjoy Moscow Mules, Bakery Sweets, Banana smoothies, secrets, lies, conniving schemes, a little absurdity, a pokadot dress, a sunshine necklace, a memorial service, DATAGIRL, land mines, smooth shiny hair, stilettos, motherhood, a frying pan memory,.and the mystery of a women’s tight nit group In “You Are Not Alone”, characters find ways to navigate a road they never tended to travelbut sometimes a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do!Complicatedtwistymessyenjoyable! Thank You St Martin’s Press, Netgalley, and Sarah Pekkhanen, and Greer Hendricks My reviews can also be seen at: am a huge fan of Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen I loved their previous novels An Anonymous Girl and The Wife Between Us So of course, this novel was immediately added to my “to be read ASAP” list.Thirtyoneyearold, Shay Miller is a market researcher From a very young age, Shay realized that numbers affected the way people saw each other She then started keeping track of stats in data books (her version of a diary) Shay is very aware of her personal stats She is thirtyone, single, and was recently let go from her job Her first priority is finding a new job She has an interview the next day.Later that day, Shay is waiting for her train when she witnesses something horrific She’s unable to get what happened out of her head, The next day her interview doesn’t go so well She arrives late and flashbacks leave her unable to concentrate properly.Things can’t possibly get any worse….All Shay has ever wanted is to be loved and accepted Then Shay meets the Moore sisters Cassandra and Jane Moore see that Shay is struggling and they seem to want to help.Suddenly Shay doesn’t feel so alone.Cassandra and Jane Moore founded their own PR Firm in their midtwenties They are successful, confident, and glamorous, everything Shay wants to be They are so kind and they make Shay feel like she belongs Now Shay has a social life and a new job on the horizon.Things are FINALLY looking up.However, Shay is completely unaware that someone out there is following her, delving into her background, and trying to find out everything they can about her.Why are they doing this? Is she in danger? Soon nothing feels safe and Shay doesn’t know where to turn.This was an intriguing and twisted tale that reminds us to be careful what we wish for Quite a bit of the story is told from Shay’s point of view There are also chapters from the Moore sisters as well as a few other characters Although some chapters take place in the past, I didn’t have trouble keeping everything and everyone straight However, I did find that the story got a little slow at times I also got a bit frustrated with some of the character's actions but overall, I thought it was a pretty entertaining and engrossing read.I really liked how Shay’s data book information was shared at the beginning of her chapters I found a lot of the data and facts very interesting While it may not be my favorite by the duo, I still really enjoyed this novel and can’t wait to see what they write next! I'd like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel All opinions are my own. You are Not Alone is a psychological thriller about a woman who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time It only took 22 seconds to dramatically alter Shay Miller’s life While she is book smart (and continuously records statistics and data), she is not people smart which leads her to be easily manipulated and taken advantage of Coincidence after coincidence after coincidence after coincidence occurs (eye roll, please) which coupled with stupid people, puts Shay’s life in danger Perhaps her obsessions with statistics and data will save her? The premise is intriguing but the execution falls flat.Told in three parts, Shay is the primary narrator However, the reader does get the opportunity to read various perspectives of the group All of the various perspectives and characters kind of meshed together, and I couldn’t keep track of who was who, outside of Shay and eventually, another character The supporting characters are supposed to be strong, vicious women who will stop at nothing to get revenge on those who wronged them What I read did not match They were flat, onedimensional and indistinguishable from one another I wantedfrom these characters! I wanted to readabout them and get a better feel for their motivations, but their character development was lacking and made the narrative unbalanced I wish I could have just got sucked in for entertainment value alone, but the lack of emotions and nonchalant tone left me not caring The plot relies too much on coincidences and twists There are some interesting revelations, but by the time they were revealed I just didn’t care As much as I liked Shay’s character, I got tired of her constantly spewing data, and her final sentence elicited an eye roll.Sadly, You are Not Alone didn’t do it for me.I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. New Yorker, Shay, has always been obsessed with statistics and she's made them her career Having lost her last full time job due to harassment, and her livein boyfriend because he found someone else, Shay is now living with a male friend and working as a temp, while she looks for a new full time job Shay is lonely and feels like a third wheel, as her roommate and his girlfriend clearly needalone time, in their tiny apartment Then Shay watches a woman commit suicide by jumping in front of a speeding train Shay is horrified and also transfixed by this event and the life of this woman, who looked so kind, like she could be a friend to Shay If only Shay could have reached out sooner, shouted out sooner, maybe she could have saved this desperate woman In Shay's obsessive search forinformation (data!) about this woman, she comes into contact with this woman's tight group of six friends Shay would love to have friends like these women and once the ringleaders of the group meet and embrace Shay, for the first time she feels like she could belong Good things start happening for Shay, after meeting sisters, Cassandra and Jane, and Shay begins feeling confident and strong, with their embrace of friendship For me, this group of women was where the books gets way too bogged down and confusing There is a lot time spent on the backgrounds of the women and their present activities but really, the only women I could truly keep straight in my mind, were Cassandra and Jane After I was too far in the book, I was wishing I had been keeping a book of data (just like Shay), from the beginning, because I felt swamped under useless and too much information By the end of this book, what I wished for was that we could have seen this story from the perspective of Shay and the two, barely seen, woman police officers I know that might make thisa police procedural than what the story actually was but I would have liked to have been in the heads of these two police women rather than seeing this story from the perspective of Cassandra, Jane, and the other women I just felt so confused when usually I'm pretty good at keeping a story straight What I did like was Shay and her story, her love of statistics, her attempt to keep her head above water when life was going so wrong And I also loved the use of statistics at the beginning of many chapters, relating to things in the book Those stats put us in the mind of data obsessed Shay and were a great way to help me feel like I knew her Thank you to St Martin's Press and NetGalley for this ARC.