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This unique bilingual dictionary gives English speakers and other non Yoruba a tool with which to learn one of the national languages of Nigeria, while simultaneously giving Yoruba scholars, students, and educators a voice to reach each other and the rest of the world in their native language Includes a comprehensive review of the Yoruba alphabet and tonal system than , total word to word dictionary entires no definitions , which include medical terms, the basic elements, and plant and animal taxonomy a grammar section that includes part of speech and sentence structure a list of Yoruba and English word roots, prefixes, and suffixes and an appendix of scientific measurements and rudimentary mathematical terminology

12 thoughts on “Yoruba-English/English-Yoruba Modern Practical Dictionary

  1. Ogbeni Ogbeni says:

    First and foremost, this is a commendable effort The author, Ogbeni KJ Fakinlede, has gone to great lengths to translate western and scientific terms to Yor b and must be given kudos But fairly basic, traditional and intrinsic Yor b terms have been omitted here and it boggles the mind as to why I sincerely hope that a faith bias is not to blame here.Having said that, it is the only product of its kind on the international market and so would recommend solely to beginners or non Yor b speakers For traditional and deeper words, look elsewhere.

  2. R R says:

    This is a great book for those wishing to learn the basics of the Yoruba language Well written and clearly laid out.

  3. Imoye Imoye says:

    The problem with this book is that you can t rely 100% percent on it without checking other sources Some of the scientific translations are wrong or innacurate.All in all a decent book though.

  4. SteveO SteveO says:

    A good reference guide, however it lacks some basic words text I purchased the dictionary to help with the learning of the language and it falls a little short in that respect.

  5. BPW BPW says:

    Don t buy this dictionary if you re trying to learn yoruba Ask your friends or family to teach you You can t learn with this book.

  6. Rach L Rach L says:

    I am a student of Yoruba at university and we refer to this dictionary a lot, however the I learn the I notice this dictionary is missing For english to yoruba translation it s a helpful resource but the Yoruba to English section is woefully small, seems to be designed to help scientists explain english concepts in yoruba rather than for those wanting to learn Yoruba Also many terms are inaccurate or incomplete.Good for beginners but doesn t hold up over time.

  7. Jess A. Jess A. says:

    Although it is not as complete as I d like in the Yoruba to English translation I think it is a good beginning for studying Yoruba I cannot wait to use it

  8. E. Z. Wood E. Z. Wood says:

    I will echo the other reviewers in saying that this is probably the best Yoruba dictionary on the market I have yet to look for an English Yoruba translation and not find it That being said, there is a definite lack of Yoruba English the Yoruba English section is less than half the size of the English Yoruba section so it is much less helpful in translating from Yoruba into English than the other way around As a student studying Yoruba, it is not as helpful when I am reading a Yoruba text and attempting to find the meaning of a Yoruba word My Yoruba professor has also identified some errors in translating English into Yoruba.My largest disappointment with this dictionary, however, is with its CLEARLY Christianized and biased stance toward the Yoruba indigenous religion It translates devil as Esu for example, when years and years of scholarship have indicated that this is an incorrect association Esu is a deity in the indigenous religion and is in NO WAY analagous to the Christian devil Additionally, it translates idolater as aborisa which is also incorrect an aborisa is one who practices Yoruba indigenous religion and most would take issue with being referred to as idolaters particularly since it is clear that this term is being used pejoratively There are several other translations of this sort which are extremely off putting and disappointing Outsiders have demonized Yoruba religion and African religions broadly enough without someone who is of the culture doing so in a book that is supposed to be a neutral reference guide to the extent that anything can be neutral This is not to mention that it does not include any of the names for traditional Yoruba ceremonies, even though many of them are still undertaken by Yoruba people regardless of religious affiliation.

  9. Deborah Deborah says:

    It s nice and new, good book for learning Yoruba.

  10. DC DC says:

    Exactly as described

  11. ohmslaw ohmslaw says:

    I bought this dictionary expecting to find a decent amount of translation between Yoruba and English It far exceeded my expectation The dictionary is packed with words It s like the author had an English dictionary beside him and word for word, translated it to Yoruba There s even a Yoruba primer at the begining.

  12. Markeyta Markeyta says:

    its always good to have a dictionary both ways just for future reference This is a thick book but it does come in handy when learning new words.