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This one is raw and heartbreaking It s hard to put forth a review on a topic which I have no experience in and will never experience personally in my lifetime I think it would be a difficult show to direct it would need a delicate hand, but with there right impulses and actors, it could be a gut wrenching and immensely important piece of work. KOBOBOOKS KOBOBOOKS These two raucously acclaimed new plays by Dael Orlandersmith, whom The New York Times has called an otherworldly messenger, perhaps the sorcerer s apprentice, or a heaven sent angel with the devil in her, confirm her reputation as one of the truly unique voices in contemporary American dramaIn Yellowman, a finalist for thePulitzer Prize in Drama, Alma and Eugene have known each other since they were young children As their friendship blossoms into love, Alma struggles to free herself from her mother s poverty and alcoholism, while Eugene must contend with the legacy of being yellow lighter skinned than his brutal and unforgiving father In My Red Hand, My Black Hand, a young woman explores her heritage as the child of a blues loving Native American man and a black sharecropper s daughter from Virginia Alternately joyous and harrowing, both plays are powerful examinations of the racial tensions that fracture communities and individual lives