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Now in its th edition, this extensively revised and updated handbook explains how you can write reports that will be Read without unnecessary delay Understood without undue effortAccepted, and where applicable, acted uponDivided into three parts, the book looks in detail firstly at the practical side of report writing Preparation and planning Collecting and handling informationWriting and revising Secondly, at the creative side of report writing Achieving a good style and choosing the correct wordsImproving the overall appearance of reportsAnd thirdly atcommon types of report, including Annual reports Appraisal reportsAudit reports Minutes Progress reports Student project reports Technical reportsThere is also an extensive glossary and a selection of sample reports

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  1. MIchelleH MIchelleH says:

    I bought this book for my daughter, as she is studying a degree in travel tourism with events management No one explained how to do a report at an academical level to any of the students i browsed on the the sample and thought it looked exactly what she needed my daughter has constantly referred to this book and she says it has been a great help As a parent i would recommend this book as it is very thorough but in an easy to read way and not full of useless jargon and from my daughter who is the studentunderstandable and very clear,perfect for dipping into when required.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    I really appreciate for a comprehensive report writing book.I am doing my master in Finance, I got a 2 2 for a report assignment last term As soon as I received the book and start reading, I noticed all my issues in report writing which is beautifully explained in details in this book.Highly recommended for all students in Undergraduate and postgrad level.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    A good book that descrbes the content of different types of reports.

  4. Shazpot Shazpot says:

    A really useful book Full of simple to follow procedures to writing a report of almost any kind Clear precise instructions to make your report look professional

  5. TangoCharlie TangoCharlie says:

    I teach report writing and recommend this to people on my courses Could do with demonstrating and promoting a bit of the active writing and plain English he advocates but otherwise a very useful book.

  6. PJ HARTE PJ HARTE says:

    very informative book, great service and value

  7. Gibson Gibson says:

    I wanted to know the essentials of report writing and this book has provided the know how what to do and what not to do This book is clearly written and easy to understand.

  8. Mr. Anthony P. West Mr. Anthony P. West says:

    Very useful book