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The polo player with the raised mallet everyone knows the Ralph Lauren logo Now readers can learn the amazing story of the man who is a true American fashion icon Born in the Bronx, even as a teenager Ralph Lauren was known for his distinctive fashion sense, having a taste for both classic preppy clothes and vintage looks like beat up leather jackets He got his start in the fashion business by selling ties that he designed From ties he went on to create a global fashion empire In this easy to read biography, best selling author and Who Was creator Jane O Connor explains exactly how a fashion line is created from first drawings to models strutting on the runway

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  1. Sophia Sophia says:

    Nice, quick read Enjoyed reading about Ralph Lauren s life.

  2. Michelle Collins Michelle Collins says:

    Great for my middle school biography projects

  3. R. Paterson R. Paterson says:

    Haven t read yet But have heard great things about these books.

  4. Nicole Lake Nicole Lake says:

    Great for my 4th graders

  5. ava gulledge ava gulledge says:

    I have the series I enjoyed the book.

  6. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    Great book Ralph Lauren is truly an American icon in the fashion industry, and this is the only who is designer book.