Download pdf Whillans's Tax Tables 2019-20 (Finance Act edition) –

Charting tax changes post Finance Act, known and respected for its accuracy, this title contains all the data you need This edition includes provisions from Finance Act 2019 and updated retail price indices, together with any other information not available for inclusion in the Budget edition The depth of data and breadth of coverage enables you to make fast, effective calculations Clear and concise summaries of tax changes are presented in tabular form under distinctive headings Whillans s Tax Tables provides accurate tables of all the new and revised tax rates and allowances and is published twice a year, in May and August Known and respected for their accuracy, Whillans s Tax Tables contain all the data you need in practice With the latest tax rates, allowances and reliefs, Whillans s enables you to quickly make calculations with accurate data The easy to use layout and concise expert commentary by our technical team ensure you have exactly the right level of information on your desktop The August edition covers Finance Act 2019.