10 thoughts on “When the Wild Pirates Go Sailing

  1. Laura Morrigan Laura Morrigan says:

    This book was a absolute childhood favourite I loved the short, rhyming story, and the dramatic pop ups I still remember some of the lines When the wild pirates go sailing, they think that life s a lark,no wild sea creature frightens them, they make lunch of a shark If you can get a copy of this, do so, it is a real classic

  2. Jessie J Jessie J says:

    When my daughter was tiny, I found this one and Six Brave Explorers on a bargain table I know why they are horribly morbid But these are the best pop ups ever

  3. Vicky Skinner Vicky Skinner says:

    I have my wonderful boyfriend to thank for pulling this off of his shelf when I was having a bad day and letting me read it to him It s an adorable little pop up book with really fun creatures.

  4. Heidi-Marie Heidi-Marie says:

    I love a good pop up book, and this is a very fun pop up book.

  5. Diana Diana says:

    This extremely short little book has a fun shape, great pop ups and a rather surprising ending My storytime kids loved it