download pdf [ [ [ Water: A Novel Based on the Film by Deepa Mehta [ WATER: A NOVEL BASED ON THE FILM BY DEEPA MEHTA ] By Sidhwa, Bapsi ( Author )Mar-29-2006 PaperbackAuthor sidhwa-bapsi –

Best Book, [ [ [ Water: A Novel Based on the Film by Deepa Mehta [ WATER: A NOVEL BASED ON THE FILM BY DEEPA MEHTA ] By Sidhwa, Bapsi ( Author )Mar 29 2006 Paperback Author sidhwa bapsi This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book [ [ [ Water: A Novel Based on the Film by Deepa Mehta [ WATER: A NOVEL BASED ON THE FILM BY DEEPA MEHTA ] By Sidhwa, Bapsi ( Author )Mar 29 2006 Paperback, essay by sidhwa bapsi Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you

14 thoughts on “[ [ [ Water: A Novel Based on the Film by Deepa Mehta [ WATER: A NOVEL BASED ON THE FILM BY DEEPA MEHTA ] By Sidhwa, Bapsi ( Author )Mar-29-2006 Paperback

  1. M. S. Piekarski M. S. Piekarski says:

    An amazing book Thanks

  2. Sarah S. Sarah S. says:

    I loved this book Not only did it provide insite into another culture, but the characters really make you care about them It is actually quite a sad story, not a light hearted read, but all the same worth the effort It is actually based on a movie, a bit backwards since ususally the movie is based on the book, and it is now my mission to find the dvd I thought that it was fascinating to discover a different side to the Indian culture There is also a glossary of terms used throughout the book, which I thought was great because it gave the book an interesting perspective which went hand in hand with it s openness about cultural traditions in that part of the world A great read

  3. V. Dick V. Dick says:

    I tracked this book down following a recommendation from a friend It is a great story, hard to believe at times that it is set in the 20th Century, but I did feel that it lacked depth It was quite obvious that it was based on a film rather than the other way around The story is simple, but heartbreaking, not an easy read, but quite rewarding.

  4. Christiane Christiane says:

    This is a shocking novel dealing with the plight of widows in Brahmin culture, exemplified by the child Chuyia who is married to a middle aged widower at the age of six, becomes a widow at eight and is then dumped into a dilapidated ashram to spend the rest of her life in poverty, misery and perpetual mourning for the husband she never knew.Due to bad Karma accumulated during a previous sinful life a widow is responsible for the death of her husband and can only atone for this by being disowned by her family and in laws, shaving her head, living at near starvation level, wrapping herself in a piece of unstitched, of course white cloth, wearing no ornaments, sleeping on the floor, begging, ceasing to exist as a person, not even thinking of remarriage, regretting her continued existence and remaining celibate which doesn t stop the head widow in the ashram from forcing the prettier widows into prostitution The saddest thing is that there seems to be no female solidarity in that society whatsoever, not even among the widows themselves.The child Chuyia enters the ashram without any preconceived notions and her innocent questions reveal the absurdity of the tradition, as when she asks Where is the house for the men widows and the women are aghast at the thought that a fate as horrible as theirs should befall a man.Widowers, of course, are in no way responsible for the death of their wives, and old men may happily marry young children, as the holy texts say that Brahmins can sleep with whomever they want including sinful, inauspicious and polluted widows and the women they sleep with are blessed Didn t Krishna marry 8.000 women and take up with any of the milkmaids that took his fleeting fancy Unfortunately, Bapsi Sidhwa s writing is not up to her usual standard, maybe because she wrote the novel based on a film or maybe because of deadline pressure.The love story between Kalyani and Narayan is contrived and melodramatic.

  5. Eugene McCallen Eugene McCallen says:

    The suject matter was difficult to behold

  6. satish satish says:

    Everything was good

  7. siva mehala siva mehala says:

    yahh its a superb novel i love it it explains the struggles of women under by the chidhood marriage

  8. ildiko ildiko says:

    I saw Deepa Mehta s movie by the same title, years ago I found it to be a deeply moving film I loved the book, which is very close to the movie, just as much The storyline is interesting but also troubling, and the characters represent all that is good, and all that is bad, in humans The book also offers a fascinating and horrifying glimpse into India s history and culture.

  9. 2wiggly 2wiggly says:

    Well made worth every penny LOVE IT.

  10. Valerie S. Jackson Valerie S. Jackson says:

    A wonderful look into a culture and its traditions Warmly written, with colorful depictions of life.

  11. The One Eyed Turtle The One Eyed Turtle says:

    I love this author and this book, albeit from a movie screenplay, doesn t fail It is a great story that holds your interest straight through until the last page I guess that I should not reveal the ending.The loss of childhood innocence and the helpless existence of pre Ghandian India for widows no matter the age, creates the background for this novel You can try all you want but there is no way to identify with the main character even though personally I am a widow.It astounds me throughout the reading that some women even could adapt to this ashram and it s grotesque leader but without a doubt this is what happens in many places of the world, even today.Another great read from a favorite author.The One Eyed Turtle

  12. Thomas Thomas says:

    great story

  13. cobb cobb says:

    It was very sad to see widows of all ages treated so badly in India and that made it difficult to read about it

  14. Martajt Martajt says:

    Excellent read Gives quite an eye opener as to what happens to young girls where parents marry their daughters off for a dowry to older well off men..who then die Wow