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This Introduction To The Study Of Vibrations And Waves Is Very Much Focused On Mechanical Systems So, A Good Working Knowledge Of Elementary Kinematics And Dynamics Is Advised The Decision To Limit The Scope Of The Book In This Way Was Guided By The Fact That The Presentation Is Quantitative And Analytical Rather Than Descriptive The Temptation To Incorporate Discussions Of Electrical And Optical Systems Was Always Strong, But It Was Felt That A Great Part Of The Language Of The Subject Could Be Developed Most Simply And Straightforwardly In Terms Of Mechanical Displacements And Scalar Wave Equations, With Only An Occasional Allusion To Other Systems Uno de los pioneros modernos en vibraciones Completo sucinto y con abundante bibliograf a. I think the majority of the raving reviews are from professors that have lost touch with what it is like to be learning the material for the first time There are a lot of assumptions of knowledge that is taken for granted This is much better than most text books as it does not needlessly go into several pages of equations to explain a concept, words and the critical parts of the derivations are used The equations flow nicely without skipping the critical steps for understanding Examples would be nice Another reviewer mentioned the MIT Open Courseware and another site for examples and solutions You definitely need a solid calculus and differential equations understanding to follow along If you were unfortunate enough to get apathetic graduate student instruction for those courses, you will be in a world of hurt.The paperback is an illegal copy from India You can see wrinkles and folds in the pages, yet the pages are smooth Some pages have smudges while others have debris printed on them Everything is readable, so it seems that they have improved the scanning printing quality from earlier reviews The copy page states that it has been published in India by arrangement with W.W Norton Sales area India only.I m not really complaining as the book was under 15, but it would have been nice to know what I was getting beforehand I didn t read the reviews as it was required for part of a course and I m sure this violates s sales policies. Oscillatory function is at the root of all natural phenomena Comprehending this behavior as a mathematically pure process is a basis through which countless aspects of the sciences and the arts can be explained, described, and even creatively elaborated upon The effects of the physical manifestation of waves, and the inevitable complexities resulting from their interaction with the environment, are essential considerations as well.The pages of this work are information dense, providing physical, geometric, and mathematical descriptions of vibrations Introducing the sine wave, vectors and complex exponentials as the fundamentals of periodic motion, the topics then progress to combining vibrations, masses and springs, harmonic and torsional oscillation, forced vibrations, coupled oscillators, Fourier analysis, orthogonal functions, energy transporting, decay of free vibrations, nuclear and optical resonance, diffraction and inference patterns to briefly name but a few Physical considerations and methods are discussed in detail as well, and exercises at the end of each chapter indicate what the reader is expected to have extracted from each section selected answers are provided.The text within each section is written in an extremely clear, systematic and enthusiastic manner and speaks to an intelligent, inquisitive beginner of the subject matter The numerous excellent black and white illustrations diagrams and photographs supplement the written descriptions admirably The typefaces and even the feel of the paper of the book are high quality and elegant.This is an introductory work regarding oscillatory analysis, however some mathematical knowledge is assumed by implication Within the first 15 pages alone are equations which include derivatives, vectors, polar coordinates, complex numbers, and infinite series It is probably best treated as a supplementary work to an on going effort in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering Essentially a good foundation in calculus should be sufficient Given such background so as to understand the crucial mathematics, this work provides an incredible array and range of topics The preface indicates that this series, by MIT Press, was established to assist in the educational process specifically, and it was tested and evaluated with this objective As such this book is inherently a supplementary work, and prepares the reader for further research in and comprehension of an incredible range of subjects Quantum physics, music, human movement, engineering disciplines, the natural sciences, astronomy and have oscillation as a common thread and basis of understanding The mechanics of the vibrational processes underlying all of these are elaborated upon to an amazing level of detail and precision within this work.This book gets my highest recommendation for the focused subject matter it so eloquently and successfully discusses.