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Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, one of the official languages of India, and it is spoken in the neighboring regions of Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh Urdu uses a modified version of the Arabic script, but it is presented here in the Roman alphabet The two way dictionary and the practical, travel oriented phrasebook pertain to everything from technology to Islamic culture You will find an introduction to the language, useful tips for travel in Pakistan, and regional cultural information to help make your stay in the Urdu speaking world a pleasant one

14 thoughts on “Urdu-English/English-Urdu Dictionary & Phrasebook: Romanised (Hippocrene Dictionary and Phrasebook)

  1. Customer Customer says:

    Can be a little hard to navigate but when used with and Urdu English speaker, can be used to construct full sentences and for conversation.

  2. Mr. G Manners Mr. G Manners says:

    Very good

  3. nm nm says:

    Book s OK but would have preferred it had the urdu word written alongside the english translation This is what I expected from a dictionary type book The romanised phonics don t make a great deal of sense and then you realise that the author is american.If showed a screenshot of one of pages then I wouldn t have purchased it You can t beat an old fashioned bookshop sometimes

  4. Rash Rash says:

    Excellent, the of the phrasebook dictionary is very convenient and easy to carry in a bag etc Very simple and easy to understand.

  5. Mrs. A. Farooq Mrs. A. Farooq says:

    this is a good book but only if you have learnt the basic alphabet system and the way different letters make different sounds in different words.the phrases are good for travel but are not always spelt as they should sound resulting in some confusion my husband knows the language and i bought this just as a base to learn usefulphrase which it has taught me but only after reading some back to my husband did i realise certain words had es where it should be and a or as where there needed to be an i and so on good to start on but be prepared to struggle if you dont have help

  6. Mr. C. J. Campbell Mr. C. J. Campbell says:

    Not comprehensive enough,nor phonetically correct.

  7. Jaggedsailor Jaggedsailor says:

    pas d ecriture urdu dans cet ouvrage, tout se fait selon la transcription latine la plus r pandue on y trouve une partie dictionnaire urdu anglais anglais urdu et une partie guide de conversation avec des themes reservation de chambre, nourriture etc L ensemble est assez complet, reste que sans l orthographe urdu il ne sera gu re utile que comme dictionnaire l mentaire d urdu parl

  8. Larry J. Burke Larry J. Burke says:

    might get me a cup of coffee at Starbuck s Read one of the reviews that raved about the Urdu script in this book as being such a useful tool Perhaps it is, but that was not my need I purchased it to translate written romanized Urdu, as well as learn the written language.My first 38 words to translate, were not even in the book I m not speaking of obscure dialog or anything of the sort Merely common terms used by Pakistani s everywhere.After that disappointment, I thought I d be clever and write something to my Pakistani friend, in Urdu Her response was Huh What r u trying to say after hashing it out for thirty minutes, my friend, who teaches English and translates to Urdu made the corrections that ranged from, words she s never heard of, to words not spelled this way etc.I will be searching for a comprehensible Urdu dictionary, hoping to find one soon so I can give this one to my two Boxer dogs for a toy A major disappointment and waste of money

  9. SKN SKN says:

    This is a very solid book for people who don t have the time or patience to figure out Urdu script Covers a lot of essential material Not sure what is going on with this other reviewer because he seems to have given a positive review but only 1 star In any case, this probably works better than the lonely planet one if you are just interested in getting by with spoken Urdu and don t have a current need for learning other languages.

  10. Tutu Tutu says:

    This is very helpful but if I can say one critical thing is the fact that it doesn t have all the words in the dictionary so like depending on what your trying to say or a question that someone is asking you, you will not know how to respond It is missing some of the alphabets in the dictionary.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Great little book full of information and easy to use.

  12. B H B H says:

    Very helpful to me

  13. Cbewtra Cbewtra says:

    not many arabic persian derived words that are difficult for hindi speaking learners.

  14. Keith Nathan Albrecht Keith Nathan Albrecht says:

    If this was your first introduction to this very wonderful language, you won t learn the script writings but it s an excellent introduction to the basic language and pronunciation.I love it..