[download Best] Ukrainian-English/English-Ukrainian Practical Dictionary (Hippocrene Practical Dictionaries)Author Leonid Hrabovsky – Z55z.co

With over , up to date dictionary entries and phonetic transliterations of both Ukrainian and English words, this reference is an invaluable tool for travelers, students and businesspersons It includes over , entries with both Ukrainian script and Romanization a guide to Ukrainian pronunciation and a section on menu terms

15 thoughts on “Ukrainian-English/English-Ukrainian Practical Dictionary (Hippocrene Practical Dictionaries)

  1. MM MM says:

    I have just received this dictionary and have not used it much yet It is a softback with translations of individual words, no phrases and no grammar section So very basic, but will be useful enough as a supplement to the Ukrainian Lonely Planet phrasebook which does have a grammar section and includes a fair bit of background cultural information I would highly recommend the Lonely Planet Ukrainian phrasebook.Updated in May 2013 I have found that many words I have tried to find in this dictionary are not listed at all, and yes, I was spelling them correctly and looking in the right part of the alphabetic listing So really not that useful at all.

  2. Sheila Lemon Sheila Lemon says:

    Used to help Ukrainian student to learn English Useful

  3. Kenneth G Burkes Kenneth G Burkes says:

    Does what it says on the packet Not a lot you can say about a dictionary.

  4. Mariusz Kulesza Mariusz Kulesza says:

    It is very good dic It has what I expected and it perfect for anyone who has same knowledge about the Russian or Ukrainian.

  5. JMS JMS says:

    I bought the dictionary for a two week working trip to Ukraine I thought that having a dictionary would help me even a little with everyday life I dont exactly know where the problem was but this dictionary was completely useless to me It seems to lack the most basic words you would need For example, it does not contain word toilet I also tried to use it to decypher what cookies I bought were made of, whether the water I planned to buy had gas or not, and what the restaurant menu contained Practically no words on these prints could not be found from this dictionary Either this dictionary is very lacking in words, or the words in Ukrainian language are twisted always somehow to unrecognizeable form, or all the packages in Ukraine are in Russian Either case I did not have any use of this book.If you are planning a trip to Ukraine, forget this and get the Lonely Planet phrase book instead That was very useful and even cheaper

  6. Mr. Vernon B. Mason Mr. Vernon B. Mason says:

    I use this book in conjunction with a Teach Yourself Ukrainian text book, and it is invaluable, particularly because it includes guides to pronunciation with all the words and phrases I consider it to be an excellent buy.

  7. shinesuni shinesuni says:

    448 172 1 15 20 11 18 3.2

  8. Leonard Leonard says:

    Limited vocabulary, a lot of words I wanted were not there And nothing to distinguish between the same words with different meanings For example, the English word retire could mean to go to bed at night or to mean stop working, but there was nothing in the dictionary to indicate which Ukrainian word corresponded to the matching English meaning And for such limited vocabulary, the book was fairly large due to large print.

  9. woodsgrl woodsgrl says:

    Easy to use for a beginning student leaning Ukrainian No detailed explanations like in most foreign language dictionaries The price is right, too.

  10. Joseph B. Joseph B. says:

    Practical is right It s very well organized, looks to be travel ready sturdy, and the font is right size for variable light Also, really, for people learning Slavic languages you need the larger font for it to be easily readable I bought this title along with some other Ukrainian texts, and it has ended up being a favored reference Heartily recommend.

  11. tvantenna tvantenna says:

    It is a basic diccionary, many words are missing now otherwise the item is new and in excellent condition Great item if you are a beginner.

  12. April Reeves April Reeves says:

    This product is a little helpful That is, if it has the word I need in it, then it is useful However, several basic words I needed weren t in it It s still a good product.

  13. Jared D. Rice Jared D. Rice says:

    I actually really liked this dictionary

  14. John C. Gautreau John C. Gautreau says:

    Excellent A

  15. Thomas Martin Thomas Martin says:

    The dictionary is an OK size for tourists, I guess The pronunciation of Ukrainian words is indicated, though that is not really necessary, the pronunciation is easy On the other hand there is no grammatical indication for the Ukrainian words except gender in nouns So the author could have saved himself space by not indicating the pronunciation but indicating some grammatical information For English words there is no grammatical information The pronunciation of English words is indicated very poorly, for example thank is allegedly pronounced senk At the end there is a useful glossary of Ukrainian English menu terms.