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An Eccentric Comic About The Central Mystery Of Quantum Mechanics Totally Random Is A Comic For The Serious Reader Who Wants To Really Understand The Central Mystery Of Quantum Mechanics Entanglement What It Is, What It Means, And What You Can Do With It Measure Two Entangled Particles Separately, And The Outcomes Are Totally Random But Compare The Outcomes, And The Particles Seem As If They Are Instantaneously Influencing Each Other At A Distance Even If They Are Light Years Apart This, In A Nutshell, Is Entanglement, And If It Seems Weird, Then This Book Is For You Totally Random Is A Graphic Experiential Narrative That Unpacks The Deep And Insidious Significance Of The Curious Correlation Between Entangled Particles To Deliver A Gut Feel Glimpse Of A World That Is Not What It Seems See For Yourself How Entanglement Has Led Some Of The Greatest Thinkers Of Our Time To Talk About Crazy Sounding Stuff Like Faster Than Light Signaling, Many Worlds, And Cats That Are Both Dead And Alive Find Out Why It Remains One Of Science S Most Paradigm Shaking Discoveries Join Niels Bohr S Therapy Session With The Likes Of Einstein, Schroedinger, And Other Luminaries And Let Go Of Your Commonsense Notion Of How The World Works Use Your New Understanding Of Entanglement To Do The Seemingly Impossible, Like Beat The Odds In The Quantum Casino, Or Quantum Encrypt A Message To Evade The Sphinx S All Seeing Eye But Look Out, Or You Might Just Get Teleported Back To The Beginning Of The Book A Fresh And Subversive Look At Our Quantum World With Some Seriously Funny Stuff, Totally Random Delivers A Real Understanding Of Entanglement That Will Completely Change The Way You Think About The Nature Of Physical Reality

5 thoughts on “Totally Random: Why Nobody Understands Quantum Mechanics (A Serious Comic on Entanglement)

  1. Saint John Saint John says:

    Outstanding I have read many books on quantum mechanics some technical, others popular and this is an excellent addition to both Continuing in the tradition of his earlier Bananaworld Quantum Mechanics for Primates Oxford, 2015 , Jeff Bub is able to explain what quantum mechanics means in new and illuminating ways Totally Random succeeds in laying out the central conundrums that confound us clearly and starkly through his novel thought experiment of a Super Quantum Entangler for Quoins The secret sauce is Tanya Bub leading the way with her spectacular illustrations and skeptical questioning of Jeff Bub s assertions with the argument discussion between them generating much clarity in understanding and grappling with the main issues They then proceed to illustrate literally and figuratively how various scientists from Einstein to Bohr to Bohm to Everett to Schrodinger to von Neumann to Heisenberg and Pauli have all tried to make sense of things before ending with speculation and thought experiments about a few possible extensions of the theory and potential applications Highly recommended.

  2. academics20193.se Customer academics20193.se Customer says:

    Armed with less than an academic understanding of Quantum Theory the comic worldTotally Random inspired this reader.The coin toaster gets you started with an entangled set and flips them to match a Quantum correlation, all in accord with observations in quantum mechanics Trying to rig the flips takes the reader right through Bell s inequality and the ultimate need to travel faster than light or maybe split into multiple universes that pop into existence to provide purchase for the missing states, lest all events be predetermined yet another scary thought Equal parts ingenious and trippy, the illustrations and text go right to the issues of spooky action, multiple universes, and teleporting And maybe why it is that nobody totally understands, one of the things this book is about.Totally Random is a good read and look and the quotes from Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg and others are part explanation and part frustration ofthe unknowns, like they are agreeing with what it was the reader got from the book.This book is for anyone with a curious mind A chance for enlightenment worth taking.I like this book.B Harvey

  3. Michael Silberstein Michael Silberstein says:

    As someone who has been teaching quantum mechanics to a variety of undergraduates from different disciplines for over twenty years, I am very grateful to have Totally Random The book is quite a hat trick, it manages to be approachable, engaging, thoughtful, deep and fun all at once properties that are usually non commutative if you don t know what that means then this book is for you The book, with its narrative presentation and amazing art work manages to capture the magic of quantum mechanics beautifully Highly recommended.

  4. Tenn Tenn says:

    If you re interested in ideas and puzzles, this is a book for you If you d like to understand a fundamental and probably the weirdest idea in physics, here it is explained in a way that anyone can grasp It entertains and teaches The proof of Bell s Theorem is itself worth 100 times the price of the book The authors explain things in a way that make you feel like a genius, like you could have worked this out if only you d thought about it I plan to buy copies of this book as gifts for all the precocious kids and adults I know.

  5. Jeff on the Cape Jeff on the Cape says:

    At the heart of nature their exists a phenomenon that is so counter intuitive that is impossible to understand even for those who can express it in its original mathematical language That does not include me Somehow this ingenious comic manages to bring you face to face with this strange fact Not giving away plot I was thinking about comics I read as a kid The ones you really like you read over and over I ve read Totally Random many times since I bought and I expect to wear it out.It s terrific and I don t know of anything like it That s kind of a pun Read the book.