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Time Traveler is a wonderfully fast paced narrative, brilliantly juxtaposing cutting edge science and personal drama I look forward to seeing this story on the big screen along the lines of A Beautiful Mind A quick read, hard to put down, and filled with depth on multiple levels This moving memoir would make not only an amazing movie, but a wonderful theoretical physics textbook I share the author s fascination with Einstein s work as well as with such stories as The Time Machine I look forward to seeing his work come to fruition as time travel moves from the stuff of science fiction to reality Dr Mallett s breakthroughs are worthy of Nobel Prize consideration. It was one of the most original, tragic, and fascinating stories I ve had the pleasure to read Dr Mallett is an astrophysicist, not a writer, which gives his book greater authenticity, in my view It s almost like reading a long letter from a friend and, while he is unlikely to achieve his original goal of saving his father, the ultimate irony in my view is that his extraordinary life devoted to physics and arguably advancing our understanding of time may have, at the end of the day, been created by his father The implications of this book, a true story, are ponderable in the extreme and on many levels for anyone interested in science and science fiction. Great book for the layman wanting to know about the theory of relativity explained in a way that you don t need to be Einstein to understand Additionally, there is a personal side to this book that traces the journey of a remarkable man who despite obstacles became a professor of physics who contributed to science by constructing a theoretical way to send messages back in time This is one of the few books that I actually went back to read again and that should tell you something about the quality of this piece. Mallett is a brilliant scientist with an immensely compelling personal story Its essence is a moving tale of a lost love, a devoted and dedicated father who died much too young How this tragedy catapulted young Mallett into a career as a prominent physicist is the story that makes this book a true page turner Incredibly, Mallett embeds this narrative with the most fascinating scientific explanations of how humans can manipulate the passage of time There is nothing crackpot about this It is all based on the most respected scientists, people like Einstein, and papers that have been reviewed and published in the most reputable journals As if that were not enough, Mallett perceptively explores what it means to be African American in an almost completely white scientific and academic world This book has so much to offer on so many levels that it is a don t miss gem. A First Person Account By A Theoretical Scientist Who Believes He Has Discovered The Basic Equations For A Working Time Machine Describes His Achievements As One Of America S First Theoretical Physicists, His Breakthroughs In Quantum Mechanics, And His Efforts To Build On The Theories Of Einstein And G Del