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How do I handle difficult family members What do I do if I can t control my emotions When do I correct others, and when do I hold my tongue Too often we are late in realizing that we mishandled a situation, causing both resentment and frustration But what if you could approach every situation with the mind of Christ Distilled from his decades of experience as a clinical psychologist and a practicing Catholic, Dr Ray Guarendi, popular radio and TV host, offers here dozens of bite sized reflections that combine sound spiritual advice with the best of modern psychologyDr Ray will help you address countless daily problems and create a plan of action for your most common troubles With his trademark frankness and humor, Dr Ray tackles all the topics that too often bring confusion and heartache, including What to do when you re easily offendedCommon excuses parents make for bad behavior in their children and themselvesThe difference between speaking your mind and losing your emotionsThe fine line between being a confident evangelist and being a jerk What you should do when emotions overwhelm you How to hold your children to high standards without causing resentmentThe difference between making an excuse and justifying an actionHow to tell people you re angry without being nasty about itWhat true humility is and isn tThinking Like Jesus isthan a self help book It will place you firmly into the mindset of a disciple of Christ so you can focus your attention on God and, ultimately, what it will take to spend eternity with Him in heaven