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New York Times bestselling author of The Everything Store Brad Stone takes us deep inside the new Silicon ValleyTen years ago, the idea of getting into a stranger s car, or walking into a stranger s home, would have seemed bizarre and dangerous, but today it s as common as ordering a book online Uber and Airbnb are household names redefining neighbourhoods, challenging the way governments regulate business and changing the way we travelIn the spirit of iconic Silicon Valley renegades like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, a new generation of entrepreneurs is sparking yet another cultural upheaval through technology They are among the Upstarts, idiosyncratic founders with limitless drive and an abundance of self confidence Young, hungry and brilliant, they are rewriting the traditional rules of business, changing our day to day lives and often sidestepping serious ethical and legal obstacles in the process The Upstarts is the definitive account of a dawning age of tenacity, creativity, conflict and wealth In Brad Stone s highly anticipated and riveting account of the most radical companies of the new Silicon Valley, we find out how it all started, and how the world is wildly different than it was ten years ago

14 thoughts on “The Upstarts: How Uber, Airbnb and the Killer Companies of the New Silicon Valley are Changing the World

  1. mysteries-detectives.co Customer mysteries-detectives.co Customer says:

    The Upstarts is a great expose of the founders of Airbnb and Uber and has great analysis of the companies brands and public perception A good quick read like The Everything Store, but not as great a story to be told, yet It is too soon to write about these companies Brad Stone also reads slightly too generously about them, are they really changing the world they will, but not yet and it feels like how Kalanick and Chesky want to be portrayed than how reality is they cannot be this naive about the consequences of their companies A critical review might have hit harder.Ultimately, the book has left me informed about the debate involving Uber and Airbnb, but no enlightened as to how I feel about it.

  2. Rob Leather Rob Leather says:

    The excerpt from Business Week was so gripping that I stopped halfway through and downloaded the kindle edition It s fast paced and mostly a good read Where the book bogs down a bit is when, to fully explain the story, you need to introduce some minor players who had a short but important influence on the business For this reason I have it 4 stars as its a great read and for sure than a 3 star but as mentioned it does bog down in places.

  3. jkaonline jkaonline says:

    Another great read from Brad Stone Really enjoying The Upstarts just as much as The Everything Store Brad Stone always provide a compelling narrative with great research The in depth interviews provide real texture to the story line which always moves at pace A must for all interested in Corporate Strategy and Digital Disruption JKA

  4. Laura Laura says:

    Overall enjoyed this book very much Brad Stone is an eloquent writer who draws out the stories of AirBnB and Uber in an engaging manner Although what eventually happens to these start ups is well known, this book still sheds a lot of light on their backstories and challenges You will be surprised with how compelling Brad Stone s narrative is

  5. Nick Nick says:

    Business writing at its finest it quickly becomes a difficult book to put down Yes, he recounting the stories of two industry changing business but he never shies away from reflecting on the reasons for their success.

  6. JD JD says:

    Interesting story It truly dismistify Uber and Airbnb business Easy to read and engaging

  7. Argento brothers Argento brothers says:

    Well written and enjoyable storytelling Did a good job weaving the stories of two seperate companies into a single narrative Would have been good to get an expanded view of the initial trough of sorrow period though, rather than an even weighing to all periods of the company history But that s just a personal preference as I found that chapter the most interesting by far All in all a good read.

  8. Splento Photographers On Demand Splento Photographers On Demand says:

    Absolutely brilliant From start to finish A must read for any startup founder Highly recommend it to everyone, not just startup founders.RomanCEOSplento

  9. Christine Christine says:

    Brad Stone beschreibt den Aufstieg der zwei Tech Giganten Airbnb und Uber sowie deren Parallelen Sowohl Airbnb als auch Uber haben Milliarden an Risikokapital aufgenommen, teilweise von den gleichen Investoren Ebenso lieferten sich beide Unternehmen heftige Gefechte mit den Beh rden, aufgrund der Gesetztesverst e Beide Unternehmen sind vor rund acht Jahren auf Ba sis des Smart pho ne Booms in ner halb k r zes ter Zeit zu mil li ar den schwe ren Technik Giganten geworden Ein sehr interessantes, gut geschriebenes Buch ber die Entstehung zweier Start ups aus denen Milliardenkonzerne geworden sind und wie diese die Welt ver ndern m chten Brad Stone ist ganz nah dran und liefert viele Details Ich kann dieses Buch uneingeschr nkt weiterempfehlen

  10. Sanjay choudhary Sanjay choudhary says:

    just finished, its a great read if you want to know the story of Air BnB and Uber the writer has done a good job to present the story in a detail and understandable way language is simple and easy to understand in the middle part some pages drags a little but its a part of the story so manageable Uber story is great and the way it started and still fighting Air Bnb start is inspiring and its growth remarkable so there story becomes saturated after some time but uber continues to thrill you like a suspense drama must read for everyone.

  11. Romin K. Irani Romin K. Irani says:

    This book reads like a movie and covers the story of two startups that have changed the world forever Uber and Airbnb It reads like a fast paced thriller and is hard to put down at times.The author chronicles their journey from humble beginnings that almost failed before they took off There are nuggets of interesting information throughout the book and what particular got me reading this with full interest was the way Uber and Airbnb took on the regulators and mobilized public opinion in their favor I am pretty sure that there is a lot behind the scenes that did not get covered in the book but it is enough to understand It clearly indicated the type of mettle both the CEOs needed to succeed in the most ruthless of all markets.If you are interested in learning about what went on behind the scenes give and take a bit , give this book a try, it is an entertaining read for sure I would rate it at 4 5 stars since it dragged a bit at the end, in my opinion.

  12. Drgraham Drgraham says:

    According to Crunch Base Uber has debt of 22.5 billion According to Uberpeople.net in USA, Canada and Australia Uber drivers after expenses are making less than the minimum wage A point raised briefly n this well written book It is most likely that Uber doesn t have a positive operating margin And for all this they have subsidized millions of taxi rides worldwide, those who remain with Uber are quite likely price sensitive This sets up a negative spiral that makes a successful IPO most unlikely.

  13. mysteries-detectives.co Customer mysteries-detectives.co Customer says:

    A good book on the new gen Startups which are completely different from Microsoft and Apple The uber story is exciting and feels like a fight Airbnb gets boring in between A book worth reading if you are interested in knowing how these start ups grew from scratch.

  14. Matt F Matt F says:

    Stone does a fantastic job of chronicling the rise of the two new powerhouses of Silicon Valley Uber and Airbnb He provides plenty of insight into the challenges they faced, the incredible growth they ve achieved, and proceeds to lay out a vision of how these companies will shape the future of the urban landscape Uber and Airbnb weren t the first companies in their market, but they are clearly the leaders, and this book helps explain how they ve come to dominate The first half of the book is probably interesting for the average reader as it covers their company beginnings and rise, while the second half covers a lot of the regulatory challenges and legal battles they ve faced Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in business, technology, and an interest in how these incredibly young and powerful companies will shape the future 5 stars