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Very unusual for me but DNF, so I did not give it a rating It s the story of a couple in love where the man comes back at various ages before and after he initially met his wife When that happens we get the perspective on what s going on from both him and her I m not a fan of romance or sci fi, so I guess the combination of the two turned me off I always give a book at least 20 pages and this one had s Let me start this by saying I was very excited to read this book I thought it was going to be good It is not in any way good It could have been good, the idea could have soared but in Niffenegger s hands it was destroyed by laundry lists of grocery bag contents, street directions, and punk bands until I even said, out loud, than once, okay, I get it He bought groceries, he knows how to get around in Chicago, Clare likes to clean her studio, he is not just a punk rock poser but the real deal, complete with his cherry red Docs,etc Seriously, this stuff does not pass for good writing in any circles The tedious minutae of life is boring and makes the author look like she is trying to pad her story for bulk.The worst part of this book was that the whole thing was based on contrived plot devices The whole time I was reading I was wondering why the author chose to have him time travel naked To me it seemed like if it weren t for his constant pursuit of clothes there may be some real chance at something actually happening in th Why can t there be a negative star rating I hated, hated this book And yes, I did finish it All way too many pages of it But, in my defense it was foolishly the only book I brought with me when I was hospitalized for 24 hours after wisdom tooth surgery, and when your options are daytime soaps or this wretched bookwell, at least I got to read the ending and conclude definitively that it wasn t worth it Okay, now that I ve gotten a bit of a rant out, let me be a little organized about my dislikes 1 The sex More accurately, the sex after sex after sex, in graphic detail not pornographic detail, granted, but WAY than I wanted to picture , at all sorts of different ages Wow Yeah, I just hated that If it serves a purpose to the plot, fine, include it, but don t give me every single move I just don t need to know that.2 The plot was convoluted I can say this fairly because I read it in practically one sitting, and while I was able to keep things straight, it would have served the book better to not attempt to take in so many sub plots and minutia 3 Okay, I will admit that for having a sci fi premise, the concept of time travel as outlined here was at least moderately believable What I didn t like was that it wasn t especially original anyone seen Journeyman yet had the pretension that it was.4 Warning Spoilery review Short version Hurry up and read this Holy crap Someone should have warned me about reading this book at work I have been sitting here bawling my eyes out, tears streaming madly down my cheeks, flooding my eyes until the words swim into fields of glistening black lines This book is so beautiful and anguishing to read I can t even be objective about it, because it was one of those stories that just burrowed a lot closer to home than you could ever feel comfortable with Really, though, even objectively I have little to offer in the way of criticism What was probably a nightmare of a book to write was woven together seamlessly, so beautifully constructed it seems like a living, organic thing than an idea born inside someone s head I liked the foreshadowing, I liked the intricacy, I liked that we never really know what Alba chooses in the future, whether she embraces the time travel or tries to stop it I loved the poignant pain that begins to trickle across the pages as the pieces begin falling into place I am curious to see how Clare and Alba s relationship developed once Henry was gone, but I was happy it was not in the story That there are plenty of things for my imagination to fill in makes me happy I also really liked the approach the author took to the paradox i hate reading books that everyone keeps bothering me to read first there are the gushing reviews from the media, complete with intelligent sound clips it s so awesome so titillating the way the author captures that thing where the girl says that stuff and then they go to that cool place you know even oprah says so and then there are the crowds of friends who carry around their freshly bought it book ok, i m bitter, i can t afford to buy new books who can t wait to share their newfound genius at having read said new it book they want to tell you ooh, but erin hasn t read it yet, has she ugh well we ll just have to discuss later, then SIGH have you read it yet have you read it yet have you read it yet have you OW OW being the moment i use aforementioned freshly purchased it book to smack someone over the head, thus ending my brief first and last encounter with said book, forever unless it wins a nobel prize and i m required to read it for sake of my intelligence which has NEVER HAPPENED spoiler alert HOWEVER sorry, this all caps thing is growing on me however, a used copy of the time travelers wife was the biggest book i could find in the bargin bin before i boarded my 5 hour flight back to the east coast this holiday season, and therefore i found myself starting a novel that s been beaten over my head by all my I ve been putting off writing this review for days because I knew that this would be a struggle for me There aren t enough words in the English language that could accurately convey my feelings for The Time Traveler s Wife If you haven t read this book, I urge you to do so You can expect a literary experience unlike one you ve ever had.What did I love most about this book The love story It was truly enchanting The two protagonists, Henry and Clare were I am conflicted about this book Do not let my 4 stars fool you, they are an emotional rating.I ll start with the things I really liked about it Loved all the foreshadowing The knowing something was going to happen, and maybe even a little bit of what it was, but never knowing or understanding fully until both characters had experienced the moment And then all the foreshadowing of the tragic end Once I started putting the puzzle together I really couldn t put it down And I had several moments where I couldn t control the tears even long before the tragedy happens, because the foreshadowing was that emotionally charged.I felt that the way the author set it up was ingenious While you are reading along in a fairly chronological timeline, it is interspersed with moments of past and future as Henry travels through time At first it felt very disjunct, but by the end I really loved the way it mirrored how Henry and Clare must feel as they lived their life in such a non chronological manner Especially Henry.The love story was indeed epic I bawled like a baby at the end, it was so tragic to me And sweet at the same time This is my 400th book review for Goodreads Wow I am either one sick or one inspired woman or both Apparently when I reach my 500th review, Goodreads will put a little encouraging button on my profile they might as well just give me a bookmark , but 400 feels big, too, so I wanted to review a book that I love but have never reviewed here.The Time Traveler s Wife is a controversial novel, and when my book club discussed it, there were burning pitchforks, buckets of hot tar and glasses of Pinot Noir being splashed in faces The room was like a parking lot after a football game between contentious rivals It was awesome.I give a HUGE amount of credit to the ladies of my book club For 11 years they have suffered through having me, both a Lit teacher and a writer, as a member, and they have put up with A LOT of my empassioned opinions When I don t like a book, I make it ABUNDANTLY clear why it sucks and when I love a book that others don t, I verbally knock them out of my way.And I love this book Boy howdy, do I love this book I originally read it 11 years ago then re read it, and took a bunch of notes , and t I recently read The Time Traveler s Wife and was pretty disappointed the author somehow manages to turn such an awesome premise the dude actually time travels into something pretty flat and dull The first hundred pages really hooked me, but after a while I started to get irritated by 1 All the name checking of hipster approved bands in an attempt to establish Henry s supposed punk cred He liked the Violent Femmes in 1991 That s why he s so badass Seriously 2 The food porny descriptions of the meals they eat Some paragraphs read like the menu of a pretentious bistro.3 The awful ethnic stereotypes that characterize the few non white characters Nell, the mammy esque family cook complete with dialect , or Charisse, the childlike Filipina.4 The fact that everyone is successful and at least upper middle class, if not fabulously wealthy Even Henry somehow manages to keep his job at the Newberry library for 20 years, despite his habits of disappearing for odd stretches of time, not keeping appointments, and, oh, running around naked in the stacks from time to time It would have been interesting to me if his disorder kept him from having any normal kind of professional life.5 The lack of character development in the protagonists This Bestselling And Innovative Debut Novel From Audrey Niffenegger Explores The Perfect Marriage, One That Is Tested By Challenges The Couple Can Neither Control Nor Predict An Imaginative Extension Of Everyday Life, The Story Asks What If Two People Who Loved Each Other Deeply, Married, And Faced A Life In Which One Person Remained Constant While The Other Slipped Fluidly In And Out Of Time A Modern Love Story With A Twist That Invites Us To Linger Over Questions Of How Life And Love Change Over Time.UNABRIDGED EDITION