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A clear and unpatronising guide to money for teenagers Jonathan Self s user friendly guide demystifies every aspect of money and money management, covering such critical topics as bank accounts, living on a budget, the dangers of credit cards, and how to cope with money at university The Teenager s Guide to Money treats what can be the driest and most daunting of topics with the lightest and easiest of touches Rich in information and advice, but also accessible, easy to follow and entertaining to read, this is a book that parents should ensure finds its way into the hands of every teenager In fact, so clear and coherent is the counsel it offers, that it wouldn t be a bad idea if the book was read by parents themselves, just in case they ve forgotten its core message that having enough money has very little to do with how much money you earn, and a great deal to do with how well you manage it

15 thoughts on “Self, J: Teenager's Guide to Money

  1. Customer Customer says:

    Bought this for my daughter and she loved it She has already said she will not be getting any store cards when she is older and can t believe the interest rates, so hopefully it has been worth the purchase.

  2. E M Oge E M Oge says:

    I read through this before giving it to my cousin s grandson I had given copies to 2 other granddaughters a couple of years ago who were very pleased and found it useful Yes, I know they would say that That s why I read it myself this time The content is practical, the advice useful and the book is readable My only reservation is that it s now several years old and bits are a little dated I d like to give another youngster an updated edition or something similar but haven t found anything.By the way, it s impossible to find this in any High St booksellers they say it s out of print.

  3. Selclare Selclare says:

    A book I purchased for my teenage son that he actually read out of choice Deserves a 5 review just for that

  4. Diana Diana says:

    Rather outdated pictures and would benefit from a general update, but still very useful information which is designed to appeal to the teenage mindset

  5. i25 i25 says:

    Excellent and useful my daughter loves it, she actually bought it for all her friends as a birthday present

  6. sahdia noreen sahdia noreen says:

    Good book good ideas just hope my neice and nephew will put it good use

  7. WombleJ WombleJ says:

    Not just for teenagers my business minded 10 year old grandson is really enjoying this book Weird

  8. Nina Lockwood Nina Lockwood says:

    Very good item

  9. deborah hoskin deborah hoskin says:

    Excellent guide for teenagers and anyone who has not been taught how to manage their money by someone who they will listen to This is the second copy I have bought.

  10. suzy suzy says:

    Very informative, although my grandson hasn t read it just yet.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Some parts of the book is slightly dated now, but gives a great introduction to teenagers about the importance of money in our lives And gives a clear strategy on how to manage money for the long term.

  12. Georgina Perry Georgina Perry says:

    Great book My sons are now not wasting money and would recommend

  13. JS JS says:

    Looks like a useful book for my 15 year old

  14. jan bohin jan bohin says:

    good gift

  15. Customer Customer says:

    Small book which explains basic information.