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8 thoughts on “The Student's English-Sanskrit Dictionary

  1. D. Waite D. Waite says:

    Since my memory is not so brilliant these days, I wanted this book principally to look up those spiritual terms which I knew I had encountered but could not remember Having used it now a number of times, I reckon the success rate is probably around 80% The failures may, however, be my own fault The book is clearly aimed at students studying the language and contains such distinctly unspiritual words as telephone and electric This means that there are very many words that are not relevant to my purpose and whose presence is likely to create a wood for trees effect Also, the quality of printing is not always perfect Apart from that, it serves the purpose well Dennis Waite, author ofBack to the Truth 5000 Years of Advaita

  2. Gouri B Gouri B says:

    A very comprehensive dictionary but its useful when we get to know Sanskrit.I find the English to Sanskrit dictionary easier to use.

  3. Gouri B Gouri B says:

    Excellent manageable dictionary

  4. A. Dayal A. Dayal says:

    Someone does not necessarily have to agree with the opinions of others all of the time.However,I must honestly say that I agree with the comments of Mr Denis Waite regarding this book.If only the printing had been up to a satisfactory level,I would have got interested in it straight away.But it took me a few times to use it properly.If abook is wrapped up in a nice hard cover,one would expect the print quality to be good Anyway,you have no choice if you have already bought the book Likewise I am getting on with it.Anil Fakir.

  5. T. Hafezi T. Hafezi says:

    If you re new to Sanskrit or in very beginning stage of learning it, The Student s Sanskrit English dictionary is an absolutely horrible choice I doubt even the advanced users would have much positive words to add here The print of the book is very small, unclear on some pages and simply awful, the indexing not quite distinguishable, and if you have any expectation of help to pronunciation, just forget about it Not even a list of the Sanskrit alphabet is listed not to mention the pronunciation guide to the basic alphabet, or other guidelines you usually find in dictionaries for other languages In short not recommendable.

  6. Subrata Subrata says:

    Its a great dictionary English to Sanskrit.

  7. Gurupada Dhar Gurupada Dhar says:

    Printing quality is very bad.

  8. Vikram Malhotra Vikram Malhotra says:

    Very detailed dictionary.