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The Songwriter s Manual is the complete guide to creating and recording your music, and is comprised of five integrated components The Tutor Book contains a graded program of lessons for all levels of songwriters It covers everything from chords and keys to lyrics and melodies before explaining how to arrange and record your songs It cites hundreds of well known songs throughout, letting you in on the songwriting secrets of everyone from The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen to Radiohead and Rhianna The Chord Book presents , fundamental chord shapes for guitarists and keyboard players in an easy access wiro bound format Chords are arranged by level and range from basic majors and minors to complex augmented and diminished shapesAt the back of The Chord Book, you ll find two CDS designed to work in conjunction with The Tutor Book and bring to life its numerous musical examples The first disc contains examples of riffs, melodies, chord progressions, and full song structures the second covers a range of recording and arranging techniques There s also a sheaf of loose leaf manuscript paper for jotting down musical ideas and keeping track of the progress of your songs

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