[ePUB] The Sissy House Sitter: The Emasculation of LouisAuthor Dominique Silk – Z55z.co

When Louis is offered a chance to house sit for his stunningly sexy neighbor Brandy and her husband, he jumps at it for one reason he wants to explore her closet This is a dream come true for Louis who feels an irresistible pull from feminine clothing and high heels, and Brandy s closet does not disappoint But things really get interesting for Louis when he finds the home movies made by Brandy and her husband They get even interesting when Brandy comes home early and catches Louis in her husband s dress This , word story includes female domination, forced feminization, cross dressing, domestic discipline, spanking, bondage, blackmail, sissy maids, hormones, oral, erotic humiliation and For Mature Audiences Only

10 thoughts on “The Sissy House Sitter: The Emasculation of Louis

  1. Crystal Summers Crystal Summers says:

    This was a fascinating story for me It was tightly written, clever and with lots to anticipate And as it went on, it built in terms of sexiness and surprises Honestly, I was impressed Ms Silk is a welcome addition to our community

  2. Domina Dixon Domina Dixon says:

    Dominique hit the scene recently with a series of amazing books This is my favorite It stands unique in the field and packs a powerful punch Thanks for writing this