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Supported by the latest neuroscience, this book gives you hands on advice on how to enhance your own creativity You will find it an inspiring combination of theory, techniques, anecdotes and exercises to help you access better ideas and bigger breakthroughs People who are good at having ideas are good at seeing connections Could teaching people to see connections be a way to help them be creative Over the years, there s a need for a book on creativity that complements the teaching of the creative process and tools and gives you a practical approach to how to enhance your innate ability to think creatively This book as an opportunity to dispel the myth that creative talent is something possessed by a gifted minority This is the opportunity to pass on the secret of highly creative people to a much wider audience It s a chance to give others the knowledge, techniques, and training they need to enhance their own innate creativity and lead the way to fun, fulfillment, invention, innovation, and change It s a unique book that combines a very hands on and practical approach with a solid scholarlyfoundation This book gives you Insights into how highly creative people think The latest findings in neuroscience on connection making Training to help you make connections others don t A boot camp withcreativity exercises

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  1. M. Sweeney M. Sweeney says:

    Superb read but than a reada challenge to change your thinking and build the habit of making creative connections.

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  3. Demon3 Demon3 says:

    This was a joy to read It is so well written and inspirational So, why the three star review Well, the idea of the book is that they will teach you to be creative There s a problem with that You cannot make adults significantly creative In the book they claim that people report they became creative according to their own a self assessment Sorry, that s weak Scientists measure their results using proper tools.I have read hundreds of articles on this topic and so far have seen no evidence that you can take someone average and make them highly creative A large part of this is genetic and no one wants to admit that I don t know why, I m find knowing that I m not tall enough to be a professional basketball player and not large enough to play in the NFL Deal with what you have.

  4. A Reader A Reader says:

    Think you re not creative Or that ideas and inspiration are magical gifts that some people have, and others do not This book says we should think again that creativity is actually a muscle we can develop, and that as with any other core strength, the ability to make new connections gets powerful and easier to access with targeted exercise So how did it work for me, a creative professional who sometimes wonders where inspiration will come from and feels like other people have of the gift I was surprised when after trying a few of the exercises, I found myself making coming up with new types of solutions and ideas.

  5. Christy E. Pedersen Christy E. Pedersen says:

    I loved this book While increasing experience in any field or just life itself can increase our intuition efficiency, I think many of us inadvertently get a little lazy on the naturally creative thinking we had before all that experience Creative thinking can solve so many problems and create so much progress and this book is a beautifully designed, concise case for how valuable it is Best of all, the book is full of exercises to help readers re develop that creative thinking muscle in our brains great inspiration for those of us who don t necessarily think of ourselves or colleagues as creative types, but for whom problem solving is critical As new technologies evolve, as global politics shift, as industries or even our families and friendships mature our strategies and patterns must adapt if we are to continue to grow and thrive Creative thinking is what makes it happen This is a book I ll revisit, as well as gift.

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I have been trying to figure out why my students seem devoid of any creative thinking unless I volunteered ideas which is, well, not creative at all I teach visual arts and it s not the art or final product that matters, but the process the connections that are made between unrelated ideas This book gives me great ways to implement thinking creatively in small, do able chunks that are pretty fun

  7. Nancy Goldstein Nancy Goldstein says:

    As Sarah Thurber and Dorte Nielsen say in their incredible book The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker, creative thinking is a need to have skill It is no longer optional This practical and beautifully designed book gives everyone the framework and tools to make connections that spur ideas.The book begins by making the case that seeing new connections is at the core of creative thinking They then explore the research and neuroscience that lays the foundation for the toolkit they provide, including exercises and tips for how everyone can strengthen their creative muscles.This book has been incredibly useful for me in my work and has become required reading at my company

  8. Tricia Tricia says:

    Unexpected connections adding science with art, this is a fun way to understand the creative process while exercising some muscle at the same time Lots of key findings to support we are all creative, lots of tools to unlock creative energy A great way to kick off an innovation session, easy to read, enjoyable, thought provoking.

  9. javajivema javajivema says:

    I really loved this book It was easy to read and helped me right away think creatively about a project at work and one for home Amazing The exercises were great I m looking forward to the next book with even exercises A must have handbook on creativity that s beautiful and well written.

  10. Doug Haight Doug Haight says:

    Fantastic book Buy it, read it and grow

  11. LJM11 LJM11 says:

    A beautifully crafted book, full of insights and exercises to develop your own creativity muscle Creative intelligence is a must have for today and tomorrow s work world Clever, provocative and downright useful

  12. Samuel Samuel says:

    An excellent product

  13. Susannah Childers Susannah Childers says:

    Excellent read Very practical and applicable ideas I highly recommend this book.

  14. shez shez says:

    Not worth the high cost a collection of pictures and examples and a few exercises based on the same concepts It s not a bad book, but how do you justify this book being than 20.