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The Oxford English Hebrew Dictionary is a landmark in the description of modern Hebrew Hailed by the Jewish Chronicle as a tremendous advance over previous works , it provides a unique description of Hebrew language as it is encountered and used today, covering formal and poetic Hebrew as well as current idioms and phrases, slang and colloquialisms Descriptive not prescriptive The first dictionary to describe rather than prescribe contemporary Hebrew Exceptionally wide coverage Coverage of technical and scientific terminology academic discourse vocabulary from fields such as law and medicine, as well as slang and colloquialisms Clear labelling system The labelling system allows quick identification of context, register, and usage Essential reference A reference tool for students, scholars, translators and business professionals

10 thoughts on “The Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary

  1. Calin Z. Calin Z. says:

    One of the best bilingual dictionaries I have ever seen the Hebrew text is large enough to be clearly legible and it is fully vocalized which is fabulous for someone studying Hebrew Also, the dictionary is not a simple wordlist, but most words are presented in examples, full sentences and phrases A must have for any serious Hebrew student.

  2. Marian P Marian P says:

    Item as described Good value Highly recommend

  3. Happy Gran Happy Gran says:

    The English Hebrew dictionary was good HOWEVER, we were expecting there to also be a Hebrew to English section as well, but there was not A disappointment.

  4. Stephan Geffre Stephan Geffre says:

    YES This is the cheap dictionary that will solve your everyday problem with Hebrew Think about all your daily activities and write down the words in a notebook and then look them up in this wonderful, inexpensive dictionary and build your way up to fluent hebrew You ll get there in no time..

  5. John Shorten John Shorten says:

    Excellent The inclusion of examples of how words are actually used, and idiomatic phrases, makes the dictionary extremely useful.

  6. Claudia Bullion Claudia Bullion says:

    Los diccionarios Oxford son los mejores, para cualquier idioma En este caso necesitabamos para el colegio y cumple su funci n de maravillas, tanto para los mas b sicos como para los avanzados.

  7. アマゾン太郎 アマゾン太郎 says:


  8. Void Void says:

    The Oxford English Hebrew Dictionary contains Comprehensive coverage from slang and colloquialisms to technical and scientific terminology This mammoth of a book contains over 1000 pages However I was slightly disappointed by this English Hebrew dictionary Besides the fact that it is only English Hebrew not Hebrew English this can be a hard to follow enigma The words are so numerous the reader can spend hours searching for the correct word Most every word has sub phrases e.g at random I chose the word collaborate below it I found work together work for the enemy I also noticed as I was flipping through this book that it contains many curse words Not only does this book contain a plethora of words but it contains associated phrases Besides containing words that I never thought I d hear probably lay in the deep ravine of my mind this book doesn t contain much of anything There is a short 3 page pronunciation guide a 4 pages introduction Overall if you re looking for an English Hebrew dictionary that will contain almost any word you can think of then this is the dictionary for you I believe this dictionary is for the advanced scholar not for the average student However in its field there is no better English Hebrew dictionary, just beware that is for the advanced scholars.

  9. Eng Lai, Tan Eng Lai, Tan says:

    Though some may disagree, I find this dictionary perfectly suitable to those who are learning Hebrews, be it Biblical or modern The Niqqud in the Hebrew abjad is very helpful in enabling the learners to get the pronunciation right Simply the best dictionary in its category.

  10. Walter Harris Walter Harris says:

    It is difficult to use because of small Hebrew print and it does not provide a phonetic translation If you know the Hebrew word, you cannot look up the English translation I would not recommend this book for an English speaking person It may be OK for a Hebrew speaker who wants to look up an English word.