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The Most Dangerous Detective is a sensational expose of crime, sexual intrigue, corruption and Machiavellian politics by former Fleet Street investigative reporter Steve BishopIt reached number one in the list of s ebooks in the true organised crime category in November and is now available as a paperback onWith a foreword by former Queensland Premier Mike Ahern, this true story contains the key elements of a whodunnit and a thriller, with complex plots to disentangleThere s devious and cunning political plotting as Premiers of different eras select crooked police officers as commissioners, supposedly independent inquiries produce the results desired by government and the leading anti corruption campaigner has his parliamentary career killed offYou ll travel through three Australian states and the Northern Territory three gruesome murders in the scorched, red heart of the outback a miscarriage of justice in the prim and proper city of Adelaide in the s the creation of a luxury brothel empire in Sydney in the swinging sixties and there s even a side trip to genteel Eastbourne, in England, to meet a serial lady killer But you ll be spending most of your time in sub tropical Brisbane with its veranda d wooden houses on quarter acre blocks, palms and poincianas, hilltop views and shady valleys, its broad convoluted river and its laid back lifestyleThe result ofyears research and interviews with political leaders, senior police and barristers, The Most Dangerous Detective also charts the awakening of Australians from the na ve innocence of the late s through to the cynicism of the sIt reveals for the first time the story of the man who rose to become the alleged organiser , planner and inspector general of the board of directors of Queensland organised crime the Rat Pack of Glen Patrick Hallahan, Police Commissioner Terry Lewis and detective supremo Tony MurphyDid Hallahan, who became famous as the ace detective who solved the Sundown Murders and won the George Medal for bravery send an innocent man to the gallows Did he execute Jack Bingo Cooper who kept his eyes down when talking but kept his ears open and may have learned too much Did he murder his mistress, the brothel queen who had once lied at a Royal Commission in order to protect him and his colleagues The Most Dangerous Detective provides the evidence to help answer these questions but this is also a multi layered story in which two state premiers, three judges and a crime reporter who rose to be an editor are shown to have made decisions or reached conclusions which were at least perverseThe book calls for a posthumous pardon in one murder case and for another murder case to be re openedHolding the stage through this story of murders, organised crime, perjury, planted evidence, invented confessions, protection from on high, a major heroin importation, a bank robbery, political corruption, protection rackets and other appalling behaviour is the man who struck fear into even a federal political leader Glen Patrick Hallahan, the most dangerous detectiveMeet memorable characters, such as Shirley Brifman, who wore the cast offs frombrothers and sisters growing up in country Queensland before becoming Sydney s richest madame Col Bennett, ayear old bespectacled barrister who s prepared to fight with his fists as well as with eloquence John Milligan, a slightly effeminate former judge s associate with the IQ of a genius who gets his kicks by becoming a criminal John Shobbrook, a keen young Narcotics Bureau officer who builds his own surveillance van complete with roof mounted video camera utilising sophisticated equipment such as bits of old vacuum cleaner andGunther Bahnemann, double Iron Cross winner and crocodile wrestler, who becomes a successful author from a prison cell

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  1. Christine Vincent Christine Vincent says:

    This is like so many books of the same ilk Hearsay and factually incorrect For example, Bishop says there was no official presence at Tony Murphy s funeral This is wrong Then Assistant Commisioner Paul Wilson gave a glowing official police eulogy testifying to the professional brilliance of Tony and citing his many successful convictions of dangerous criminals Paul Wilson also had a police offsider there, and the police chaplain led the service Fact please Mr Bishop.

  2. Alison Alison says:

    My fifth book about the events leading up to the Fitzgerald Inquiry recommended along with Tower Mill, Three Crooked Kings, Second Father and Last Drinks 2 in readingbingo a book based on a true story.

  3. Ultrajbk Ultrajbk says:

    Disappointed with the writing Very.