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Stephen Hawking S The Theory Of Everything Is A Short Book That Can Act As An Introduction To The Subjects Of Cosmology Raised By Modern Science, But The Book Is Only That I Preferred His Brief History Of Time To This Work Because It Was Longer, Detailed, And Covered Ground If You Are Looking For A Very Basic Introduction To The Current Thinking Of Astrophysicists, This Is A Good Book If You Really Want To Wrestle With The Subject At Length, You Should Buy A Brief History Of Time, Or One Of Paul Davies Works, Such As About Time If You Are Looking For A Good Lecture Series On Physics, Richard Feynman S Six Easy Pieces And Its Sequel, Six Not So Easy Pieces Is Really The Finest Of This Genre That Being Said, The Book Does A Good Job In Outlining The Basic Subject Matter, Discussing The Development Of The Big Bang Theory, And The Implications Of Both The General Theory Of Relativity And Quantum Physics On The Formation Of The Universe Hawking Is At His Best When Discussing Singularities The Points Of The Universe, Such As Black Holes, Where The Laws Of Physics Break Down By D W Casey On June , This Is A Collection Of Seven Related Lectures By Hawking Originally Published In Under The Title, The Cambridge Lectures Life Works He Does Not Cover As Much Ground Here As In Did In A Brief History Of Time, But What He Does Cover He Does So In A Charming And Engaging Style There Are Some Few Statements Here That Could Be Interpreted As Less Than Modest Although Not By Me And A Mistaken Prediction Or Two, Which May Be A Reason That Hawking Is Not Pleased With This Book S Publication He Might Also Object To The Title, Since Neither A Theory Of Everything Nor A Conclusive Answer To The Origin And Fate Of The Universe Are Presented However, Hawking Does Address These Questions, And His Expression Is Interesting To Read And Has The Agreeable Characteristic Of Being Laconic There Are No Equations In The Book, No Mathematics As Such, And Everything Is Explained In Language That Would Be Intelligible To A High School Student There Are The Usual Droll Hawking Jokes About God And His Intentions, Facetious, Epigram Like Understatements I Have Done A Lot Of Work On Black Holes, And It Would All Be Wasted If It Turned Out That Black Holes Do Not Exist P And Witty Asides About The Convergence Of Politics On Physics, As When He Mentions A Particle Accelerator The Size Of The Solar System That Would Not Be Funded Under Current Economic Conditions By Dennis Littrell On March , This Is One Of The Most Interesting Book Hawking Has Explained The Whole Universe Very Briefly The Book Explains Following Things Deeply Ideas About Universe Expanding Universe Black Holes Origin And Fate Of Universe The Direction Of Time The Theory Of Everything The Book Explains Everything From Beginning To The End Of Universe It Shows The Interaction Between Science And Natural Powers Science Lovers It Will Lead Ur Knowledge To A Next Level By Shiva Thakur On Sep STEPHEN W HAWKING Is Widely Believed To Be One Of The Worlds Greatest Minds A Brilliant Theoretical Physicist Whose Work Helped To Reconfigure Models Of The Universe And To Redefine Whats In It Imagine Sitting In A Room Listening To Hawking Discuss These Achievements And Place Them In Historical Context It Would Be Like Hearing Christopher Columbus Tell Of His Journeys To The New World This Book Approaches That In The Theory Of Everything, Hawking Presents A Series Of Seven Lectures In Which He Lays Out, Perhaps Clearly And Concisely Than Ever, The History Of The Universe As We Know It These Essays Capture Not Only The Brilliance Of Hawkings Mind But His Characteristic Wit As Well A Great Popularizer Of Science As Well As A Brilliant Scientist, Hawking Believes That Advances In Theoretical Science Should Be Understandable In Broad Principle By Everyone, Not Just A Few Scientists In This Book, He Offers, For All Who Would Take It, A Voyage Of Discovery About The Cosmos And Our Place

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  1. C. S. C. S. says:

    This is a magnificent set of lectures moving on from Stephen s previous theories, encompassing new thoughts, new experiments and an even closer study of the reason for everything Compared to previous explanations Stephen includes God and an earnest look at why does the Universe exist anyway To attempt to summarise the detail, this is just one book you need to read and then reread, it is his best yet and I have known him now for over 60 years.

  2. Jamie Lasher Jamie Lasher says:

    I bought this book and also The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and this one was definitely like the type of book I was looking for The Grand Design was basically a physics book that just covered theory after theory but this one really connected the dots and made me realize a lot about our universe Do yourself a favor and skip The Grand Design and just purchase this one.

  3. Robert Bicknell Robert Bicknell says:

    Hawking never disappoints as he takes the most complicated subjects and makes it easy to understand and fun to delve into A mind like his comes along once in a generation and we were fortunate to have him, as did all the students he touched during his tenure at Cambridge University.

  4. Jason Cox Jason Cox says:

    Please note the comments in the update towards the end of this review as the current Kindle version of the book does in fact include illustrations As someone who has purchased and read almost every book available by Stephen Hawking, I was excited about this book when I found it on I have several other illustrated versions of Hawking s books and those have become my favorite versions because I love the large format and the illustrations inside are generally really well done and actually help with the text, especially for those people who have a hard time mentally visualizing the theories explained within.For some reason I picked this book to be my first Kindle book by Hawking Perhaps I thought I just couldn t wait for the physical book to arrive.Big mistake The Kindle version of this book has absolutely NO illustrations whatsoever Let me repeat that The Kindle version of this Illustrated Theory of Everything has NO ILLUSTRATIONS No color illustrations No greyscale illustrations No black and white illustrations No line art None whatsoever None on the Kindle 3G None on the Kindle Reader for Mac None on the Kindle reader for iPad.There are not even any LINKS to illustrations.In summation, do NOT buy this book on Kindle If you want to buy it for Kindle, I wouldn t even recommend the non illustrated version I suspect most people would be better off with Universe in a Nutshell, The Grand Design, or Brief History of Time The text only portion of this book is exceedingly short and offers essentially nothing new from those other books Update March 8, 2012 After the helpful suggestion of another Kindle version reader, I contacted Kindle support and was able to get an updated version of the Kindle book This does include illustrations, which add substantially to the book The illustrations are good quality and appropriate Reading the book on Kindle Reader for iPad works pretty well, with full color photos which are in line two finger gesture to expand the pictures On my Kindle 3 Kindle with Keyboard , some of the images have very low contrast Many of the images also have a light grey text which is somewhat difficult to read, even when expanded.Other than the presence of illustrations in the updated kindle version, the best update is the presence of highlight boxes kind of like side bars but in line which break up the text and enhance the experience.I am updating my rating to 3 stars I would give it , but the number of illustrations are rather sparse and for b w Kindle owners, there are certainly limitations I have other Kindle books which are not advertised as illustrated which have similar numbers of illustrations chapter heading pictures, or just other pictures that enhance the content.

  5. Jaume Puigbo Vila Jaume Puigbo Vila says:

    This book is a new edition of a book originally published in 1996 based in seven Cambridge lectures, basically describing some of the contributions of the author to cosmology and black holes Among those the singularity theorems coauthored with Penrose, the Hawking radiation of black holes of which the author himself claims that it would get him the Nobel Prize if found in nature , the no boundary condition, etc.Some of the concepts are very clearly explained such as the second law of thermodynamics, the black hole horizon, black hole evaporation, virtual particles, etc, although some others are difficult to grasp.There are some small errors, mainly with numbers that should be printed in exponential notation.Unfortunately these lectures predate the discovery that the universe expansion is accelerating and the detailed results of the Wilkinson probe.In any case the lectures are excellent reading and contain a lot of very good information I was specially attracted to the fact that until the 1920 s it was almost unthinkable that the universe is expanding, whereas it should have been a logic deduction of Newton s gravitational law and the fact that the universe is not collapsing.