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Investigative journalist and former tax inspector Richard Brooks charts how the UK has become a global tax haven that serves the super wealthy, all with the Governments help Discover Why thousands of British state schools and NHS hospitals are owned by shell companies based in offshore tax havens How British companies like Vodafone strongly influence tax laws Why multinationals like Google and Starbucks can operate almost tax free in the UK How the taxman turns a blind eye to billions in illegally evaded tax in secret Swiss bank accounts How footballers like Wayne Rooney use image rights companies to reduce their tax liabilityUnpicking the tangled mess of loopholes that well known multinationals, bankers, and celebrities use to circumvent tax, this is a bold manifesto for a system where we all contribute out fair share

12 thoughts on “The Great Tax Robbery

  1. Jeff Kaye Jeff Kaye says:

    Excellent book and easy to read.This is a book that anyone interested in the spiriting of vast sums from poorer counties or simply from the poor even in the UK should read Billions of s disappear each year the subject of profits or income that should be taxed that are not because a the laws are slack b HMRC is disinterested and ill equipped because of poorly educated staff or cutbacks c governments are in thrall to business and scared stiff that any change to tax laws or to the proper imposition of existing laws will make them leave the country even when to leave usually means no than a few head office staff and some accountants and lawyers d illegalities.Governments whether Tory or Labour have been transfixed by the desire to placate big business small companies are badly treated as are medium wealth income tax payers as are those on benefits because they are go to the same schools, speak the same language, jobs are available after politics or the civil service on company boards or in advisory businesses, the accountants and lawyers whether in businesses being taxed or as advisors are too high quality for those in government to deal with.This is a depressing saga, made worse by years of neglect or stupidity or outright collaboration of government and its departments not just in the UK but on a worldwide scale The short section on how to fix this needs much colour and elaboration No doubt that Brexit and Trump and the massive inequality of wealth are due in a large way to the results of many years from the 19th Century of despoliation of proper tax laws and collection This book explains it well in a UK context but from those like Richard Brookes, Richard Murphy and the Tax Justice Network is needed to make even a scratch on the teflon surface of this sorry tale.

  2. Mohammed Akhtar Mohammed Akhtar says:

    Somewhat ironic to have purchased this book on considering its content but it is an extremely important and informative book.A must read if you have been wondering how corporations and individuals have been able to engage in blatant corruption for so long.

  3. GrahamM5 GrahamM5 says:

    An excellent analysis of a complex issue It is an indictment of successive British governments and HMRC I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to know about this scandalous situation.

  4. howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer says:

    This book is a good read and packed with very revealing information.

  5. Robster Robster says:

    Very nice read that gives a clear and readable account of one mans take on the red carpet the UK has laid out for corporates vs individuals

  6. russ weaver russ weaver says:

    First class How you write a book about tax that is as funny as it is informative as it is disturbing is beyond me Fully explains why people riot against Capitalism and lays bare the truth of only little people pay tax for all to see

  7. Ecosse Ecosse says:

    A must read

  8. Kelly B. Kelly B. says:


  9. paul sweeney paul sweeney says:

    Even tho I am not a UK taxpayer, this book made me very angry It essentially shows how the UK establishment, including some in the Revenue, are colluding with tax avoiding companies, thinking they are helping business Over enthusiastic to to the point of naivety in trying to be pro business, like the de regulators of banking of recent times, they are in fact undermining many good firms by tilting the playing field, and undermining the tax base at the same time.The professions, accountants and lawyers do not come out very well either, nor do the politicians.A must read not just for those interested in business and economics, but for concerned citizens everywhere.Brooks has made a powerful wake up call for taxpayers everywhere

  10. J. P. Chapman J. P. Chapman says:

    very good read it opened my eyes to how the very rich and corporates have cheated society this century.

  11. howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer says:

    A must read for tax specialists and non tax specialists alike

  12. Bruce Parsons Bruce Parsons says:

    In all fairness I ve only just started to read it but what I ve seen so far it s up to expectations.