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In this EU referendum year, it s time for people across Europe to look at what really goes on in Brussels in our name It has been estimated that the EU costs us around , billion a year an incrediblefor every man, woman and child in Europe So what do we get for our money Politicians and administrators selflessly working to bring us efficient government Well targeted regulations that promote economic prosperity A safe and free society A well protected environment Help for people in poorer countries Or is our money being squandered by a self serving euro elite of unaccountable politicians and incompetent bureaucrats, or else devoured in a feeding frenzy of fraud and corruption where a few lucky insiders become unimaginably rich at our expense And is the tsunami of regulation pouring out of Brussels in reality strangling industry, destroying jobs, restricting personal freedom, desecrating the environment and further impoverishing the developing world Using their extensive network of insider sources, David Craig and Matthew Elliott smash through the secrecy and disinformation that are the Brussels hallmark to reveal what our European rulers are really getting up to The result is a horrifying story of bureaucracy, hypocrisy and kleptocracy and how we are all suffering as a resultDavid Craig has spent most of his career as a management consultant working for and competing against some of the world s best and worst management and IT systems consultancies He has helped to sell consulting to almostorganisations incountries across Europe, Asia and the US, as well as the British public sector He is the author of the controversial bestsellers Rip Off The Scandalous Inside Story of the Management Consulting Money Machine, Plundering the Public Sector, and, most recently, Squandered How Gordon Brown is Wasting Over One Trillion Pounds of Our Money He has an MA from Cambridge and an MBA from Warwick Business SchoolMatthew Elliott is Co Founder and Chief Executive of the TaxPayers Alliance, the UK s most high profile campaign group He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and sits on the Advisory Committee of the New Culture Forum His last book was The Bumper Book of Government WasteHarriman House