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An informative, intuitive analysis of some of the most famous, and infamous, deals in recent private equity history Through a series of detailed case studies, Sebastien Canderle offers a thorough review of the factors that can set apart successful deals from disastrous ones, as well as the behavioral traits that separate long term success from its opposite Must read for finance professionals Philip Grant, Grant s Interest Rate Observer By covering the many facets of private equity in a clear and rigorous writing style accessible to non specialists, this book provides an invaluable and entertaining glimpse of this secretive industry Thomas M hlmann, Chair of Finance and Banking, Catholic University Eichst tt Ingolstadt School of Management Sebastien Canderle takes readers on an engaging journey in the intriguing and impenetrable search for extraordinary private equity returns A thrilling and masterly written story about ethics, accountability and death by debt overdose Leila Pinto Campillo, Professor of Finance, University College London School of ManagementAmbitious in intent, this is a balanced and insightful account of what makes a private equity deal good, bad or ugly The case histories bring this book alive and illustrate in an instructive way how transactions are either skilfully piloted, haphazardly navigated or end in shipwreck James Sefton, Chair in Economics, Imperial CollegeFinancial risk is a frequently observed and reported structural issue in leveraged buyouts Other risks are equally prevalent but behavioural or institutional by nature Factors like irrational decision making, market manipulation and the lack of proper regulatory oversight are prominent indicators behind private equity s most troubling side effects Drawing on a wide range of case histories and references like the buyouts of Bhs, Hilton, TIM Hellas, Toys R Us and Univision, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Private Equity investigates the industry s drivers of success and failure The book aims to emphasize what differentiates good transactions and fund managers from the bad and truly ugly ones Sebastien Canderle delivers a well researched, engaging and illuminating account of the notoriously secretive money machine of private equity and volunteers pertinent prescriptions for change