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Much of life is spent in arguing, domestically, at work, professionally, or it just happens that way Most arguments are futile wastes of time Neither the participants nor the audience learn anything Between men in crowded pubs arguments can even lead to physical fights, usually for no purpose Yet intelligent argument is often the only sensible way to advance our many causes, to spread knowledge and to achieve progress It is one thing to sound impressive, to devastate the opposition, to make a great impression It is by no means the same thing to change people s minds, to convince them by your arguments Persuasion is achieved often than not by quiet, rather than devastating argument About the Author Chester Porter retired from the Bar onJune,The Bar Council of NSW made him an Honorary Life Member in Augustfor his exceptional service to the Bar and the profession of law

8 thoughts on “The Gentle Art of Persuasion. How to Argue Effectively

  1. Ernest Ernest says:

    This book came recommended but unfortunately, I found it largely dull and uninspiring I wonder whether I was not in the best mindset when reading it My impression of the book does not in any way reflect on the incredible professional achievements of the author.

  2. indy indy says:

    Prolix, condescending, and sanctimonious The highlights were the amusing courtroom anecdotes about judges, but they were few and far between.