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Right now the number of people living ona day or less is than the entire population of the world inThese billion people are not just the world s greatest challenge they represent an extraordinary market opportunity By learning how to serve them ethically and effectively, businesses can earn handsome profits while helping to solve one of the world s most intractable problemsThe key is what Paul Polak and Mal Warwick call Zero Based Design starting from scratch to create innovative products and services tailored for the very poor, armed with a thorough understanding of what they really want and need and driven by what they call the ruthless pursuit of affordability Polak has been doing this work for years, and Warwick has extensive experience in both business and philanthropy Together, they show how their design principles and vision can enable unapologetic capitalists to supply the very poor with clean drinking water, electricity, irrigation, housing, education, healthcare, and other necessities at a fraction of the usual cost and at profit margins attractive to investorsPromising governmental and philanthropic efforts to end poverty have not reached scale because they lack the incentives of the market to attract massive resources This book opens an extraordinary opportunity for nimble entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate executives that will result not only in vibrant, growing businesses but also a better life for the world s poorest people

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    Shows how design principles and visions can enable unapologetic capitalists to supply the very poor with clean drinking water, electricity, irrigation, housing, education, health care and other necessities at a fraction of the usual cost and at profit margins attractive to investors Useful ideas for entrepreneurs who are concerned with trying to produce a better life for the world s poorest people Builds on the insightful work, a decade ago, of C.K Prahalad in The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

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    Paul Polak and Mal Warwick s new book The Business Solution to Poverty is, as Bill Clinton says on the cover note, one of the most helpful propositions to come along in a long time original, ambitious and practical If you re an entrepreneur looking to break into emerging markets, a development practitioner trying to figure out how to harness private sector smarts and local entrepreneurship, or if you are a corporate executive seeking to get beyond glossy Corporate Social Responsibility reports and actually get things done that make a difference, buy this book, read it and share it.The concept of Creating Shared Value has emerged in the last couple of years as an anchor for businesses seeking to make a difference, make profits and scale their offerings for real social and economic benefits In their well known Harvard Business Review article from 2011, business thought leaders Michael Porter and Mark Kramer provide us with the conceptual building blocks for Creating Shared Value Polak and Warwick provide a practical how to manual for people looking for a no nonsense, solutions focused approach to Creating Shared Value in some of the toughest markets in the world.Three billion new customers are waiting for innovations and business savvy that target their needs and aspirations These three billion customers are willing and able to put cash on the table to buy goods and services that they can use to lift their families out of poverty They are hungry for products and services that will improve their lives.The Business Solution to Poverty guides you to better understand who these customers are, how they interact with supply chains, and how you can get to know them better It provides key success factors, a brilliant list of 20 takeaways , and plain language case studies from the field Polak and Warwick are the real deal seasoned entrepreneurs with the scars and business development mileage necessary to write a book that you can pick up and start using right now to build your business solution to poverty.

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    Trabajo en Bridge for Billions una empresa con finalidad social y cuya gran parte de inspiracin proviene de este libroSi quieres inspirarte para montar tu negocio con una cruel dosis de realidad Leetelo

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    Muy buen producto, llego sin un solo maltrato en el viaje.

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    La segunda parte excesivamente redundante En general, de inter s para las personas que siguen el tema de la lucha contra la pobreza y como conseguirlo.

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    Paul is personal friend and continues to amaze me

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    The business solution to Poverty is a very insightful reading and is highly recommended for social entrepreneurs, business leaders, non profit making organizations to read The authors, Paul and Mal, have shared in this book how to build a sustainable and profitable business by solving the fundamental problems for the masses people in poverty those who are earning 2 dollars a day.Do not think it is an easy start for such business It is going to take a longer period of time when you design a product solution the masses need However, once you have get to that point, your business model is going to lead you to a sustainable and replicable business model that generate long term and consistent revenue.In this book, Paul and Mal walk the readers through the followings The business opportunities in providing simple not complicated solution to painful problems for the masses How and what you need to pay attention to when one design a product that the mass market need What are the trade off do you need to make when you decide products for them How sustainable and rewarding will it be for businesses like that What kind of marketing strategies you should apply when your target customers are the masses in poverty Illustrate with examples on successful cases and failure cases Who are the key parties that make such business opportunities a success How and why you should reset your mindset when you want to succeed in designing a product solution to the masses Why most of the funding from different parts of the world is kind of wasted and the current problems of poverty has yet been improved muchWhile you can view this book as a bible that share tips for anyone who wants to succeed by solving painful problem, it also serves a good reminder for start up entrepreneurs You create a product solution that the market needs and people are happy to pay for and bring them a better returns life instead of selling what you think they need Renee From Asia Business Books

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    I actually was considering buying Out of Poverty I wanted to reread it since it was a textbook I enjoyed in college, but I ended up buying this instead because it was newer and I hadn t read it yet.It was very similar to Out of Poverty I liked all of the examples, but I felt like there was too much concentration on the treadle pump I also felt like much information was repeated, and some information from Out of Poverty was also reiterated in this book.It was interesting I read the whole thing I thought that the quick facts that they gathered really helped to shape my perspective on the issues of global poverty.But having read Out of Poverty, I m not sure that I learned a lot of new information from this book, but I did appreciate reading about the stories of others who have found difficulties in alleviating the poverty in third world countries I also liked the business idea suggestions.

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    This book makes you think about business in a different way Specially how taking on a social venture gives you the opportunity to impact tens of millions of people in poverty and using the business structure to do so The author does a great job explaining everything clearly.

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    The ideas proposed in this outstanding book are not only ideas. they have been tried and tested to be true If you would like to make a difference in your business life, believe there is a better way of doing things, and want to make some profit you must read this book For myself not a business person but one who is passionate about making change on our planet this book has given me a wealth of information to build my next project on Thanks to Paul Polak and Mal Warwick.

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    I used to think that we had to do things for the poor that they could not do themselves Know that this did not jibe with my belief in the great power of every individual.Polak and Warwick have reconciled this paradox in Business Solution to Poverty and inspired us to see how the aspirations of hose in poverty are like all people They need a hand up, not just handouts.