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After The Death Of His Ex Wife, Successful Sculptor Tim Overleigh Trades In His Lucrative Career For The World Of Extreme Sports, But When A Caving Accident Nearly Ends His Life, Tim Falls Into A Self Destructive Depression On The Cusp Of Madness, An Old Friend Convinces Him To Join A Team Of Men Climbing The Godesh Ridge In Nepal When This Journey Of Mythical And Spiritual Discovery Rapidly Turns Deadly As The Climbers Fall Victim To A Murderer Within Their Group, The Remaining Survivors Begin To Wonder If Any Of Them Will Escape The Mountains Alive.

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  1. RedemptionDenied RedemptionDenied says:

    Well, that was fun I should have read this book when the weather was warmer, as I m cold enough as it is I had to read half the book under the duvet Tim OverLeigh, who is was a sculptor and teacher, is offered the trip of a lifetime, when he happens to meet Andrew Trumbauer at the Filibuster bar where he s trying to drain his sorrows away He met Trumbauer a few years earlier as he was a friend of Tim s wife, Hannah Since the death of his wife which he blames himself for, he s been unable to sculpt anything worth a damn lost his talent, somehow Anyway, Tim has been getting involved in extreme sports skydiving, spelunking and white water rafting After a few minutes of conversation between the two, Trumbauer asks Tim if he s heard of the Canyon of Souls an ice canyon , Nepal, in the Himalayas Trumbauer tells Overleigh that it s never been seen, nevermind transversed and Trumbauer wants Tim to accompany him on a trip to do what no one else has done before cross the canyon, which won t be for a year, at least He declines.Anyway, m...

  2. Bandit Bandit says:

    How often do you come across a thriller that genuinely thrills Malfi here with The Ascent has accomplished just that This book was awesome, I couldn t put it down, finished it in about 3 hours There is so much going on here, it s a story of redemption, love, revenge, survival, camaraderie, perseverance and all tucked into an umbrella of a grand action packed adventure Malfi s strength as an author really shines through here, elevating the book no pun intended above the average action adventure thriller Malfi who also happens to be a genuinely nice and funny guy doesn t slack off with his characters as so many thriller authors are wont to do, he takes time to develop them and it really pays off, because the reader ends up really involved with the story, really caring about what happens I am not an adventurous person by nature and mountain climbing frankly sounds like an extreme masochism to me, that s probably what made it so much fun to read about, purely vicarious experience Immense...

  3. Latasha Latasha says:

    The build up is great and intense but after the reveal, it declines It s not terrible but it s not as good as Bone White.

  4. Lincoln Lincoln says:

    In Ronald Malfi s The Ascent, thrill seeking sculptor Tim Overleigh is invited on a treacherous hike through Nepalese mountains that have killed nearly everyone who s attempted to cross them Having lost his wife a year or so earlier, and his ability to sculpt with her, Overleigh agrees Unfortunately for Tim, and the other men invited on the climb, the harsh cold and hostile terrain might be the least treacherous part of the journey.The Ascent is best categorized as a thriller and the easiest description of Malfi s writing is, kinda like Dean Koontz, but ten times better He does a great job of setting up Tim Overleigh and Andrew Trumbauer, the adventure seeker Tim s wife introduced him to on their honeymoon Some of the characters are disposable, I guess you could say, but Malfi takes the time to give them a...

  5. Kevin Lucia Kevin Lucia says:

    I m not sure why it took me so long to read this been sitting on my shelf for ages Anyway, it s what you would expect from a Malfi novel emotional wrenching story about a man facing his darker nature, fighting through that to the light on the other side Excellent plot twist, also

  6. Rachel Rachel says:

    review to come, I m tired right now

  7. WendyB WendyB says:

    Hate to say this but the story seemed kinda pointless.

  8. John Wiltshire John Wiltshire says:

    This is quite a good story and definitely for anyone interested in mountaineering, as a trip to the Himalayas forms the major part of the tale There are elements of the supernatural which reminded me of Sarah Lotz s novel The White Road, which is also set during a climbing expedition to the Himalayas view spoiler I feel it s important that any discussion of The Ascent is put behind a spoiler caveat because it wasn t until the very end of the novel that the true reason for the expedition is revealed that the organiser, Andrew, is slowly killing off anyone who has crossed him for any reason He s been killing people for years, and the group he assembles to climb in Nepal to discover the lost canyon of souls are his latest victims Until this reveal, it s assumed by the group that he s helping them get over their own individual traumas to find a spirituality in the ...

  9. Rob Twinem Rob Twinem says:

    A good story by one of my favourite authors, but not his best Tim Overleigh haunted by the death of his wife Hannah has departed on a journey to seek out the elusive Canyon of Lost Souls in Nepal He is accompanied by a motley crew and under the leadership of his friend Andrew they embark on a perilous journey that will have devastating results and a bloody conclusion The real winner in this story is the descriptive and colourful prose as our happy band of travellers face the perilous conditions prevalent in the Himalayas In oncoming dusk, we dipped through a stone channel and found ourselves staring at the Himalayas, ghostly and blue and seeming to hover off the ground, in the distance The range was spectacular in its grandness, its solidity, forcing even the most atheistic of mankind to pause and contem...

  10. Russell James Russell James says:

    Tim Overleigh, a stalled sculptor derailed by self destructive tendencies and the death of his ex wife, accepts an invitation to trek to the Himalayan Valley of Souls, a mythical location The invitation comes from Andrew Trumbauer, a shadowy man whose life intersected both Tim and his ex wife s past.Malfi gathers a great cast for this perilous mountain journey and sets them...