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Now you can master the art of foreign exchange trading While most currency trading and foreign exchange books focus on international finance theory or simplistic chart based strategies, The Art of Currency Trading is a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to profitably trade currencies in the real world Author Brent Donnelly has been a successful interbank FX trader forthan 20 years and in this book, he shares the specific strategies and tactics he has used to profit in the forex marketplace The book helps investors understand and master foreign exchange trading in order to achieve sustainable long term financial success The book builds in intensity and depth one topic at a time, starting with the basics and moving on to intermediate then advanced setups and strategies Whether you are new to currency trading or have years of experience, The Art of Currency Trading provides the information you need to learn to trade like an expert This much needed guide provides an insider s view of what drives currency price movements a clear explanation of how to combine macro fundamentals, technical analysis, behavioral finance and diligent risk management to trade successfully specific techniques and setups you can use to make money trading foreign exchange and steps you can take to better understand yourself and improve your trading psychology and discipline Written for currency traders of all skill levels, international stock and bond investors, corporate treasurers, commodity traders, and asset managers, The Art of Currency Trading offers a comprehensive guide to foreign exchange trading written by a noted expert in the field.

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  1. vitali müller vitali müller says:

    The best book written on currency trading You can clearly see that the author is a professional Forex trader The book provides a roadmap to become a professional trader Highly recommended and really happy that I found Brent his book.

  2. PP PP says:

    Easily the best book written on how to professionally trade FX and one of the best ever written about trading in general.Some hard truths about trading are being expounded here, such as you have to do the work to gain an edge, and you probably can t chart read your way to millions At the same time, there is no arrogance here, just the humility that comes with 25 years of being a professional trader and along with it, a roadmap to success that is laid out in a logical format with plenty of real life examples along the way Brent is extremely generous in sharing exactly how he formulates trading ideas, executes them, and how he manages that risk from the outset.It doesn t really matter what level you are at, this book is sorta a textbook you should just have on hand.

  3. Bruce G Johnstone Bruce G Johnstone says:

    I have traded on and off for about 10 years including futures and options but recently mainly forex my bookshelf is packed with books on trading and I have also attended a few of Van Tharpe courses I am not sure why I picked this book up but really happy that I did Brent brings a wealth of experience having come from the banking side of forex and breaks it down to a level that was remarkably refreshing and despite years of trading picked up on new terminology and ideas.Whilst I am a believer in a less is in trading and that there may not be any new ideas out there, it s implementation that haunts all traders Brent lists seven of his concepts but the reality many systems or approaches can work but don t because of the individuals approach Maybe it gelled for me as I approach all trades with a global macro approach looking at fundamentals, read a great deal, keep up to date with central banks inputs and once I have a bias start looking for places to implement my bias.He cleared my ADD mind and assisted me in getting my structure of trading in a place that I am really content with.This book is for beginners to advanced traders we can all learn something can t we Thanks for helping my trading path Brent

  4. Customer Customer says:

    I purchased this book on kindle and read through the book during the weekend.I found the information in the book very helpful for experienced forex traders as well as those starting out.The book details how the author a very successful forex trader approaches trading Brent explains his very successful way of combining technical analysis, fundamental analysis, sentiment positioning.He also lays a detailed money management plan for professional as well as retail traders.I d urge all beginners to read this book multiple times to save themselves years of learning expensive mistakes.FIVE STARS

  5. Ed Matluck Ed Matluck says:

    This book should be read by anybody interested in learning about FX trading and especially by anybody engaged in it The book covers all relevant topics and uses actual trades and recent experiences of the author to make his points and illustrate his preferred trading strategies The book is especially strong on the oft neglected subject of risk control which is of paramount importance since most retail traders lose money whereas professional traders lose their jobs The book covers the mechanics of trading, specific trading setups, macro economic and domestic financial factors that must be addressed by anybody seeking to trade consistently It also discusses some but not all technical patterns.One of Brent Donnelly s objective in the book is to show how today a trader must incorporate knowledge about macro economics, country and international politics, technical analysis chart reading for example, Fibonacci analysis, Japanese candle sticks and Elliot Wave Theory , market sentiment, and experience According to him this was not done by professional traders in the past as they were primarily sales people with little or no background in these areas.As the book points out, thanks to technology, low cost, often free sophisticated trading systems are now available to the public As a result, retail traders have access to virtually the same information and mathematical techniques as professional traders What they do not have access to is the near term plans of large corporations and brokers which may or may not, be a serious problem.THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS BOOK IS ITS DISCUSSION OF RISK MANAGEMENT AND CAPITAL PRESERVATION These chapters need to be read by all traders including those who trade stocks, bonds, futures and options The book s discussion of risk control is the most simplified, direct and explicit treatment of this topic that I have seen Brent Donnelly actually lays out his personal risk control system and explains how it works and how he uses it.THE SECRET TO MAKING MONEY IN TRADING IS NOT FINDING GREAT TRADES although that helps THE TRUE SECRET IS NOT LOSING MONEY Just like Warren Buffet says Because if you blow out your account you are out of the game There are many risk control systems available and Brent s is not the only one that works but it is simple and easy to implement To learn it you need to read the book but suffice to say, it is based on never risking than a small percentage of your account and if you lose money in a given period you must reduce the size of your trading until you restore your losses Similarly, as you make money you can increase the size of your trades accordingly Brent has been using the system he presents throughout his trading career and it seems to have served him well.FINDING GREAT TRADES While there are many reasons why one might take a trade, Brent Donnelly describes, with great clarity, what he calls 7 Deadly Setups These are basically technical patterns that have a high probability of success They don t come along every day but when you see them it makes sense to trade them and do so with than your standard amount of capital note you may have to close another trade to stay within your risk budget The book also shows how some of the best trades set up when technical buy sell patterns match what fundamental information is suggesting.Another highlight of the book is what Donnelly calls his 25 Rules of FX Trading He introduces each one when he is discussing the relevant topic to which it relates and then summarizes them all at the end Following them will not guarantee that you will make money, but it will ensure that you trade with discipline and full knowledge of what you are doingOther topics addressed in the book include choosing your trading time horizons, picking stop loss points and trade targets, trading news releases often initial moves reverse in a few hours , and inter market correlations All these topics are discussed with clarity and real life examples.Do not miss Donnelly s discussion of the January 2015 event when the Swiss National Bank removed the floor they had imposed of 1.2 on the Euro Swiss Franc the day after they has said they would not This event bankrupted many traders, brokers and bank trading departments Donnelly uses this example to illustrate one of his 25 rules that Anything can happen In summary, I found this book absolutely wonderful I have been trading FX retail for about 1 years I have a finance background and have traded stocks, options and financial futures for myself not professionally for many years but never FX This book answered all the lingering questions I had about how to find trade setups, evaluate and manage them It also completely revolutionized my understanding of risk control I thank the author and urge anyone interested in trading to read it.

  6. Clarence Chan Clarence Chan says:

    If you are skeptical about any books or courses teaching FX trading trust me this book is different This is the first time anyone has written from a practitioner s perspective With over 25 years of interbank trading experience I find myself benefiting from Brent s insights and perspectives Sprinklings of dealing room jargon and dealers speak resonates for experienced traders and make for interesting read The way Brent structured the many aspects of FX trading, many of which idiosyncratic, helps to fill the gaps in my own trading strategies and habits This book should be an SOP item on every dealing desk Every trainee dealer should be made to read this before commencing trading, and experienced traders to refresh and reinvent themselves.