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'The America Play' follows an AfricanAmerican gravedigger who loves and resembles Abraham Lincoln, so much so that he also works as a Lincoln impersonator For this reason he is referred to throughout the play as the Foundling Father As an impersonator he charges his customers a penny to take part in a reenactment Lincoln's assassination I think The America Play is a really interesting text, but I would absolutely need to see it staged before I could begin to say I understand it And I would love to see this performed.The play raises a lot of interesting questions about history and the way that history gets redeployed, questions which are especially relevant in the current political moment as the image of The Founding Fathers is continually dredged up to support almost any position at all The America Play draws our attention to the theatricality of this invocation by implicating the audience in a metatheatric spiralwe see 'customers' performing a ritualized 'assassination' of Abe Lincoln complete with props and costuming choices being made and discussed And because we see this performance by people who are supposed to be just like uscustomers seeking entertainmentwe begin to realize our own implication in the violence of history and the violence of how history is used and conceptualized. I'm not sophisticated enough to get this. i didn’t get it but then i think i got it so now i’m telling everyone i got it.did you hear: he didn’t get it but then the consensus thought he thought it got and so now he’s telling everyone from a to z that he has got it down pat, got it Pat? Fresh New Thoughtprovoking Loved it I especially loved the essays I suspect the plays would ring so muchmeaningful if viewed as opposed to read Glad to have been introduced to a transcendent new voice in American drama. This is one of those books that changed the way I thought It has stuck with me as one of the most amazing books I've encountered I started reading it because the title play was assigned in my Modern Tragedy and Metatheater class but I ended up reading the whole thing cover to cover because I'd never encountered anything like it Parks has such a gift with languageand she uses that gift to tackle important and complex subject matter in radical new ways I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in postmodernism, theater (metatheater in particular), or oppression studies. If you don't think you know what's happening in this play, I'm with you It's definitely hard to get through, but that doesn't take away any of the power in Parks' writing Honestly a play you need to sit with for a little while. this is some crazy shit This collection fractures history and asks us to look at the isolated parts of our constructions If you like a tight story its not for you at all. I really liked this a lot I wish there wereplaywrights around with ideas and concepts this original and fresh For those of you who aren't familiar, Parks' work is pretty complex, multilayered and very postmodern, but her essays in the beginning I think do a fine job explaining her style and objectives She uses a technique she calls rep and rev to recreate a fantastic fauxhistorical pastiche of sortsWe needwriters like her I want a theater revival, another golden age The stage is such an incredible forum for story and drama and expression I've always thought it was the highest form of art and I think Parks, with all her daring and cunning, does it justice Trust the hype Check this one out. forget the usualchallenge the shape of thingsastheywishyoutoseethemmake equations and solve them your damn selfstay awake!