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Teach Yourself Swahili is the course for anyone who wants to progress quickly from the basics to understanding, speaking and writing Swahili with confidence Although aimed at those with no previous knowledge, it is equally suitable for anyone wishing to brush up exisiting knowledge for a holiday or business trip Key structures and vocabulary are introduced inthematic units, progressing from basic greetings and introductions and dealing with everyday situations to writing a formal letter and business communications The emphasis is on communication throughout, with important language structures introduced through dialogues on the accompanying recording There are plenty of exercises to practise the language as it is introduced and tips throughout to help with pronunciation and grammar Cultural information boxes give useful advice and information for anyone planning a trip There areaccompanying cassettes and CDs which give pronunciation guidance and listening material They are available separately cassettes CDs or in a pack with the book book cassette pack book CD pack

8 thoughts on “Teach Yourself Swahili New Edition (Teach Yourself Complete Courses)

  1. Bwana Mkubwa Bwana Mkubwa says:

    I had forgotten so much over the years since I left Africa and regretted it Found this very useful to remind me and help me regain my vocabulary and grammar.

  2. Blade Blade says:

    an excellent book for helping you learn ki Swahili.

  3. R.W.Mansfield R.W.Mansfield says:

    Really useful book

  4. Brian Jerstice Brian Jerstice says:

    Absolutely super book for revision of rather rusty Swahili All really essential vocabulary and structures clearly explained and thoroughly exemplified Hongera

  5. F.G.Ashmore F.G.Ashmore says:

    Easy to use and understand

  6. John Andrew Bigland John Andrew Bigland says:

    Exceptionally clear method and some interesting geography of regions where Swahili may be spoken I am finding the book easy because of the work the author has put into making the book easy, by clever attention to pronunciation, and I am also finding the book refreshingly interesting I am just a short way into the book so far, but for me it is a wonderful diversion It s a good read anyway to my way of thinking for someone like me, that has not got much background in foreign languagesas it holds my attention.

  7. Mr. A. J. Wilson Mr. A. J. Wilson says:

    Whilst starting off ok, i.e covering the basics and a relatively good attempt at describing pronunciation the whole course descends into something particularly complicated.If this were a book for people with an understanding of Swahili already then the extensive use of linguistic terminology would seem appropriate if a little over kill But as the book claims to address new comers to the language it s all way too much.I can see the benefit in explaining the linguistic aspects of the language but if you re not used to the terminology, singular noun class introduction page 4 , plural verb stem prefix page 8 , there s not much to gain and will continue to be off putting and unrewarding.My other gripe is the layout of the pages I appreciate that this is dependent on learning styles etc, but where a passage of pure Swahili conversation is given, all the new words presented may well be on the following page meaning lots of page turning for people like me with a non photographic memory.If the word is not new, i.e you should have already learned it by now one mention on page 6 may well not occur in conversation again until page 27 , then you re left flicking through pages like a frantic origami maker in need of an umbrella in a blizzard.In conclusion this book is little too much hard work for me I have some conversational level in French and a few phrases in some non typical languages Malay Maori and I d hate to think how a complete mono linguist would cope However, I can only assume, the language is correct and accurate so it s not getting anything wrong, just not all that much right.

  8. mitfie mitfie says:

    Buch leider ohne CD aber selbst in gutem Zustand