{Free eBook} Teach Yourself Afrikaans New Edition (Teach Yourself Complete Courses)Author Lydia McDermott – Z55z.co

This is a complete course in reading and writing, speaking and understanding Afrikaans It will be perfect for you if you are a complete beginner or if you have some knowledge of the language which you need to brush upThe book is very communication centred and the emphasis throughout is on speaking and being understood in everyday situationsThe course hasunits includingreview units , all based on the kind of language you will need on a visit to South Africa New language and grammar is presented through dialogues and there is plenty of opportunity for you to practise and check your understanding as you go along The culture notes will ensure that you get the most out of any business trip or holiday and the English Afrikaans and Afrikaans English vocabularies will be invaluable, both as you work through the course and on any trip you takeThis is a completely new book, writtten by a leading South African language teaching expert, and incorporates the very latest theory and practiceThere is a double CD to accompany the book, which can be bought separately or with the book in a pack

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