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Talk Russian Book has already inspired thousands of people to learn Russian from scratch and find the confidence to give it a go Whether youre learning for business, travel or just for fun, its straightforward, step by step approach will ensure youre soon able to speak Russian in a range of everyday situations With its specially designed activities and clear, jargon free grammar explanations youll quickly develop your language skills and make genuine progress right from the start Make real progress using the successful, proven Talk method Develop your language skills with tips and strategies to help you learn Practise and learn with interactive activities to support every topic Also available Talk Russian Pack includes this book andxminute CDs ISBN Other languages in the series Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish bbcactivelanguages

14 thoughts on “Talk Russian Book 3rd Edition

  1. CJS CJS says:

    I originally borrowed this from the library to see what it was like and was so impressed that I bought it It is the best teach yourself course I have ever used and I have tried many times to learn various languages with a notable lack of success It follows the usual sequence of greetings, ordering a drink, finding places, etc and reinforces words and phrases used previously The Cyrillic alphabet is introduced in the first four units with the corresponding pronunciation written in English letters but from Unit 5 onwards you have to use the Cyrillic alphabet This may sound horrendous but if you are visiting Russia, even just Moscow, you will find a working knowledge of the shapes and sounds of the letters invaluable.It is important to make sure that you get the CDs as well as the book they come as a neat package so that you hear the correct pronunciation I found the CDs easy to navigate I used them on a laptop and you can repeat tiny sections as many times as you need to There are useful snippets about Russia and it is most encouraging to know that you will make yourself understood even if you do get the endings of words or agreements wrong In the newer version mine was published in 2015 there is a section on the basics of grammar but this was missing in the older version that I borrowed from the library.Well worth the money, now I just need to practice

  2. Pete Pete says:

    Too quick for a beginner, It s very fast paced Also, it s style is a little old.However, I found an excellent online site that gives away 30 lessonsand oh boy they re good, excellent in fact I probably can t say the name but Russian was made easy.I think I will be signing up for the paid lessons, both videos and podcasts as well as an online transcript.

  3. Terrahurtz Terrahurtz says:

    Like millions of others, I was casting around for something to do during lockdown furlough and being a fan of Russian opera, decided on Russian.This course is well structured and even with much repetition and relistening, I got to a reasonable standard within a couple of months of less than an hour s work a day The chapters are geared to getting by in a number of different situations transport, asking directions, booking rooms in a hotel etc I would have happily pressed onwards and learned some , but the course stops short of getting too entangled in what seems to be from the pages devoted to it in the text book some extremely complicated grammar involving all sorts of noun declensions in different cases for which we don t have an equivalent Nevertheless, I now feel I would have a reasonable chance of getting by if I was sent to Moscow for the week Unfortunately, as no one in any opera I have ever come across askes the way to the post office, orders beetroot soup or needs to know which trolleybus goes to the Hermitage museum it hasn t helped too much with that Recommended.

  4. UK music reviews UK music reviews says:

    Love it BUT A big but I bought the version without the cds Why would one even sell the product without the listening cds I had to buy it again just to get the cds..I assumed they would be included For that reason, I mark it low Very good book for beginners I learned Italian to a high standard with the BBC Talk Italian Incluse the cds and charge a little

  5. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    Very fast delivery, the book is smaller than what I thought I wish you got an audio file instead because I don t have any CD players any and I would like to have it on my phone so I could bring it around with me But the book is very good great quality, and I would recommend it to others.

  6. firetommy firetommy says:

    makes learning russian very fun and easy even for someone like me who finds language learning hard, ive made huge progress quickly the mix of listening, reading and speaking exercises are super for making vocab stick lots of extra tips about how the phrases taught can be altered slightly in general conversation in russian the listening exercises get fast and complex quickly but without being overwhelming, really boosts confidence in understanding real life spoken conversations The only reason i didnt give five stars is because my Russian partner says that some of the phrases introduced arent used in normal conversation any or the context in which that particual phrase is used isnt explained well when it is only used in certain circumstances However, he says that although some phrases may not be common in general speech you can use the phrases taught in the book whilst in Russia, you will be understood perfectly well, but just not talk like a native does exactly But the learning system is super so definitely recommend

  7. Cliff Cliff says:

    Surprisingly for a BBC product this one seems to have lost its way.Have purchased the BBC s language books before and found them well set out with spoken examples at a speed slower than street examples This book expects the pupil to deal with a different alphabet AND speech at normal speed.

  8. Larisa Larisa says:

    I have bought Oxford book before, my son finds this book easy to follow and remember the word Study made simple.

  9. gb gb says:

    Bon ouvrage pour d butant parler d s le d but mais les consignes sont en anglais Comme le titre l indique.une autre m thode c est Harrap russe int grale ou epress avec 2 cds sur le m me principe en fran aisSurtout pas la m thode assimil qui est longue et fastidieuse 100 le ons version th me donc traduction qui ne vous permet pas de vous exprimer face un natif.

  10. nobulls hit nobulls hit says:

    Das Buch ist vielleicht nicht schlecht aber es wurde falschlicherweise mit CDs angeboten, die aber nicht dabei sind

  11. Cliente stg2bio.co Cliente stg2bio.co says:

    great book well structured for a beginner it would be good to have a mp3 version of the cds, something like when you buy the book you can download the tracks from bbc site

  12. Ross Dokta Ross Dokta says:

    Im Buch ist immer wieder von H rtexten die Rede Habe aber keine CD oder MC oder solchesgleichen vorgefunden.Das Buch richtet sich definitiv an Anf nger der Russischen Sprache F r mich jedoch eher nicht zu gebrauchen 4 Sterne gibts aber deshalb, da die Lieverung wie beschrieben ist, und ausserdem schneller als erwartet war.

  13. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    Great book.but advertising is misleadingthought this came with CDS No CDS Should be clear if CD is not included.

  14. Willard M. McCoy Willard M. McCoy says:

    It did not include the CD making the book useless.