[[ download Textbooks ]] Talk Dirty: Italian: Beyond Cazzo: The Curses, Slang, and Street Lingo You Need to Know When You Speak ItalianoAuthor Alexis Munier – Z55z.co

This sort of Italian isn t Church sanctioned Whether ordering a slice in Little Italy or riding along the Grand Canal, Talk Dirty Italian is your guide to truly spitting the sauce Loaded with plenty of words and expressions that could make Tony Soprano blush, you ll sound like you just got off the boat with entries like the one below And with the curses, slang, and idiomatic expressions split into different situation based sections, you re guaranteed to always know what to say no matter where you are Italian word scopabile Definition f kable, lit sweepable Phrase Niente male la tua suocera anzi direi che propio scopabile Literal Translation Your mother in law is not so bad looking in fact she s quite f kable