{Read epub} Swahili Medical Dictionary and PhrasebookAuthor MJF Cooper – Z55z.co

This book is for doctors, nurses and other clinicians working or living in East Africa It will also be useful for expatriates living in Swahili speaking countries A short introduction to Swahili is included A wide range of clinical and practical top

10 thoughts on “Swahili Medical Dictionary and Phrasebook

  1. Kat Kat says:

    I was on medical elective in Kenya and I found this book useful It is written to be used in Tnazania, and there were quite a few differences with the Kenyan swahili, so that was a bit annoying But swahili is such a diverse language I think that is unavoidable The book is well written with intuitive categories and good practical phrases for using in hospitals I would recommend it to any health professionals going to work in a swahili speaking country.

  2. lesleywilliams lesleywilliams says:

    this was so useful , whilst volunteering n a small hospital It is divided into appropriate sections for medical use and give plurals to words It is helpful in Most departments in the hospital

  3. C. Malley C. Malley says:

    Book a bit dry but functional just a list of medical terms and phrases in Swahili without explanations of background and customs in hospitals or community and customary way to address people etc.Took a day or 2 longer to arrive than usual with marketplace books but in very good condition.

  4. Dan Dan says:

    if you are going off to volunteer as a healthcare provider in east africa, get this book.

  5. Linda Linda says:

    I have used this book on five medical trips to Tanzania It is a great quick reference guide and very useful during triage I made tabs for the different chapters to make them easy to find We use this book in conjunction with books which are comprehensive medically including, Where There is No Doctor, Where There is No Female Doctor, and Handbook of Medicine in Developing Countries The size makes it easy to carry along in a backpack My only complaint is that it is not available on Kindle.

  6. Shira Landau Shira Landau says:

    Hey Great concept I think it s the only one out there of its kind as of 2013.Nonetheless, after arriving in Tanzania, I learned that some of the translations are not 100% exact although they are in the right ballpark, most of the time Also, while all words included in the book certainly do exist in Swahili, certain ones are only used in certain countries For example, the book might provide a word for doctor that is used in Uganda and Kenya, but not in Tanzania the word doctor was just an exampleI don t remember which words this was actually true for I simply arrived in the country and learned from the people there In spite of these weaknesses, overall, I would recommend this book

  7. Loraliy Loraliy says:

    This phrasebook is the best of its kind the general intro is helpful to polite communication and culture, and the sections are divided into different situations medical categories, so that you can easily turn to one section and have all the vocabulary you d need for a specific situation on 2 3 pages.My only qualm is that there is not a comprehensive word index If you re working in a Swahili speaking country, this is a great resource, but it does not replace a good dictionary.

  8. Rose Rose says:

    I am pleased that I finally found a book in English Swahili regarding medical terms, anatomy, and diseases It is not too bulky so it is easy to take with me in my handbag A great resource for anyone who is wanting to be in the health field.

  9. Orietta Barquero Orietta Barquero says:

    it has basic vocabulary It s not well organized and I don t think it is a good reference for work in health.

  10. Polinto Polinto says:

    Good one