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The book is good and easy to read A few errors but you can figure them out easily In general, covers fundamental concepts in a way that you can follow the main idea John L Lumley has written a number of well regarded books on the general subject of turbulence, but Stochastic Tools in Turbulence is severely misnamed A better title would have been Mathematics of Three Dimensional Stochastic Vector Fields If you are looking for careful definitions of probabalistic ideas in terms of measures and Lebesgue integrals, and a derivation of the Characteristic functional for the multipoint probabilities, this book might be a good choice If, on the other hand, you like me were just trying to make sense out of estimating the Reynolds Stress Tensor from 20 Hz anemometer data not so much.There is no discussion of applications, much less application to turbulence or fluid flow whatsoever There are a number of long appendices, but since the only one I read was the very nice one on generalized functions, I won t comment further on them Monin and Yaglom s two volume Statistical Fluid Mechanics which covers much of the same ground plus much, much is far fluid oriented, but still a bit theoretical and long for my purposes, so I m still looking for a good discussion of my questions. This Accessible Treatment Offers The Mathematical Tools For Describing And Solving Problems Related To Stochastic Vector Fields Advanced Undergraduates And Graduate Students Will Find Its Use Of Generalized Functions A Relatively Simple Method Of Resolving Mathematical Questions, And Extensive Appendixes Make It Mathematically Self Contained Edition