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Unlike Most Other Texts On The Subject, This Clear, Concise Introduction To The Theory Of Microscopic Bodies Treats The Modern Theory Of Critical Phenomena Provides Up To Date Coverage Of Recent Major Advances, Including A Self Contained Description Of Thermodynamics And The Classical Kinetic Theory Of Gases, Interesting Applications Such As Superfluids And The Quantum Hall Effect, Several Current Research Applications, The Last Three Chapters Are Devoted To The Landau Wilson Approach To Critical Phenomena Many New Problems And Illustrations Have Been Added To This Edition

5 thoughts on “Statistical Mechanics 2E

  1. Student Student says:

    I just completed a class taught from Huang It was rocky If this is your first time through a serious stat mech class, you have difficulty with thermodynamics, or you are the sort of person that learns by doing, then this probably isn t the book for you.That being said, if you have a strong background in stat mech and thermo, you ll probably find Huang quite enlightening Huang s approach isn t the most pedagogically sound, but he is insightful than most In the sense of what he presents, not necessarily how he presents it Additionally, while there are errors in the book, there aren t so many that it makes it unreadable the book is hard to read based on its own construction.I managed to do well in the course, but it was by constantly referencing other books If this is your first time through, I recommend reading the material of the current chapter in another book first, running a couple of example problems from that book, and then reading through Huang It seemed to work better as a reference into usually uncovered topics than as a textbook The first few chapters on thermodynamics and non quantum statistical mechanics are probably best learned from another source.

  2. Douglas E White Douglas E White says:

    no problem EXCELLENT book

  3. Darshana Lakmal Weerawarne Darshana Lakmal Weerawarne says:

    I love this book because it covers almost all the concept in graduate level Statistical Mechanics I love this book very much.

  4. Captain Alright Captain Alright says:

    In my 18 years of formal education, this is the worst textbook I have ever used in any subject His writing style is awful, the book is littered with typos, his notation is completely different from any I ve ever seen, and attempting the homework problems is similar to trying to write an essay in Korean with only a travel guidebook as a reference Even the paper and cover is of substandard quality If you are an instructor and are reading this, for the love of god, DON T USE THIS FOR YOUR COURSE.

  5. surajit sen surajit sen says:

    The book is dated and the write up is not clear enough for students I have used it over the years as a text reference etc and it is not worth the money.