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This Book Is For All Brewers, Whether They Consider Brewing To Be Art Or Science Its Simple Aim Is To Highlight What Measurements The Numbers Can Do To Produce Product Consistency And Excellence, By Achieving Control Over Raw Materials And The Brewing Process Good book The other reviews written here are spot on It really isn t applicable for home brewers but was informative I also purchased the book knowing it would be of little practical use as a home brewer.I am curious to understand for whom some of the chapters were written, again, speaking as a home brewer It seemed to me that anyone that has reached a position to be tasked with some of the tests he described should already know very well the lab procedures he describes in a somewhat higher level language In other words, anyone that needs to know how to do it probably already knows and those that don t won t learn how to do it from this book.The statistics part was great and he gives some good advice as far as not collecting and fussing over data that will never be properly studied The author obviously knows his subject and has great experience in the field.I do recommend the for those home brewers that enjoy the theoretical side of brewing For those professionals looking detailed information on the subject, take the author s 5 month class in California B Good standard bar, but not a formula Testing standards are one of the Industry problems And only for new beer styles I brew cellar brews, and most information is not valid for old world fermentation techniques A real waste of my time and money