Read Spirit TalesAuthor Sapir Englard –

In a world ruled by werewolves and humans are the minority, Angela feels like she doesn t belong not with her human kin, and not with her werewolves classmates Then the werewolf ruler the mighty Alpha of the Millennium visits the city, and the college Angela and her friends attend, and life as she knew it is turned upside downUpon discovering she really isn t what she seems, Angela embarks on a journey to control her newfound abilities, befriend the people and especially one man she very much resented, fall in love, and find out the truth about who she really is The story was written byyo me and is the first version of The Millennium Wolves world, making it an Alternative Universe AU of my own work Please keep in mind my age when you read this because as much as I tried to also edit a few stuff while translating it from my native tongue, I couldn t change the entire plot, therefore some stuff might seem childish and may be incoherent and inconsistent at times