download Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to HaveAuthor Walter Makichen –

Am I Meant to Become a Parent Why Cant I Conceive What Is My Unborn Child Trying to Tell Me In this reassuring, supportive, and accessible book, leading clairvoyant and medium Walter Makichen offers guidance to prospective parents eager to create a warm, nurturing environment for their soon to be conceived or born children Applying the wisdom and insights he has gained through twenty years of communicating with these spirit babies, Makichen helps you resolve issues about starting a familyactively participate in the psychic process of creating a childand move past your worries and fears about becoming parents From the seven essential chakras that link our body, mind, and spirit to why pregnant women are superpsychic, youll discover How to create the energy that nurtures spirit babies How to understand how past lives and chakras relate to your unborn child The conception contractwhat it is and what it means for you and your child How karmic pairings affect conception and pregnancy Why miscarriages occur and what they can signifyPlus spirit babies and guardian angelsspirit babies and adoptionspirit babies and dreamsand much Featuring inspirational examples of couples who are now happy parents, as well as breath exercises and healing meditations at the end of each chapter, Spirit Babies tells you everything you need to know to become the parent you were meant to be