ePUB Spanish in Three Months: Your Essential Guide to Understanding and Speaking Spanish (Hugo) By Isabel Cisneros – Z55z.co

Learn to understand and speak Spanish fast with this practical language course for beginnersHugo s Spanish in Three Months The essentials of Spanish grammar are clearly explained, while model sentences and word lists help you learn and remember new Spanish vocabulary Regular exercises and drills help you reinforce what you have learned and build your confidence Each chapter ends with a conversation in everyday Spanish, which you can read aloud to help you practise your speaking skillsIntuitive pronunciation guides make pronouncing Spanish words incredibly easy, using Hugo s unique imitated pronunciation system, which replaces Spanish sounds with English syllables Spanish in Three Months also includes a selection of extracts from modern Spanish literature to help improve your understanding of written Spanish, and a mini bilingual dictionaryWhether you are learning Spanish for work, study, or exams, or simply soaking up the city vibes in Granada, Spanish in Three Months will give you confidence in understanding and speaking this passionate language Viva Espa a