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Their Origins Lost In The Mists Of Time, These Lively And Entertaining Folk Tales From South Yorkshire Reflect The Wisdom And Eccentricities Of The County And Its People Here We Meet Giants And Fairies, Heroes And Villains, Dragons And Boggarts, Among Many Other Extraordinary Characters.These Enchanting Tales Will Appeal To Modern Readers And Storytellers, Young And Old Alike. Short, sweet and full of local colour Clear on references and editing and a varied bibliography My particular fave was The Woodsman and the Hatchet, but I ll always read anything Robin Hood of Barnsdale. This series is a collection of books by different authors, drawing of the local folklore of different areas The South Yorkshire version is a accademic take than some in the range For some of the tales in this collection, there is footnote than story This was kind of a turn off as I took the intention of these books to be presenting a selection of folk stories in an accessi If you have an interest in the area then this book will undoubtedly bring you joy, with various stories set in places that locals have likely visited many times, though the tales are weighted towards Sheffield and Doncaster The tales at the start are in depth, whilst towards the end the stories become anecdotal and lasting little than a paragraph in length, which can be jarring That said, some of these shorter stories are the