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The huge success of QM comes from using the wavefunction to compute mathematical probabilities via the Born Rule However in Many Worlds, every possible outcome occurs in some world where is the probability in having everything occur Philosophers and some physicists have spent the last 50 years twisting themselves into pretzels trying to re introduce the Born Rule into their particular Many Worlds approach because without the Born Rule, Many Worlds is a Dud The biggest bragging right of MWs is that it is a minimalist theory using only the deterministic Schrodinger Equation But that claim comes with an asterisk The craziness begins with attempts to reclaim the Born Rule afterall, that s where the success is and the Born Rule sure isn t deterministic Carroll re introduces the Born Rule into MWs see p.140 141 by having his self locating observers make Born calculations in the totally undefined and unobservable infinitesmal interval between the branching of the wavefunction and an observation, whatever that really means That tiny interval is the only excuse Carroll cites for inserting probability into MWs In fact, he says it gives us an opening to talk about probabilities p 140 But if observers must perform their Born calculations because of uncertainty about which branch they are on and it must be done in this infinitesmal interval because you can t allow branching to occur and destroy your calculations all of you self locating people out there need to buckle down and really speed up your Born computations I don t know about you, but I never have met anyone in this world that can do Born probability calculations in the fleeting time between the branching of a wavefunction and the associated observation and yet Carroll s theory depends on them doing exactly that.Perhaps it could be argued that these are only meant to be mythical self locating observers does it change anything to instead call them gods If so, what is altered and not actual humans, but in that case Many Worlds would rest firmly upon a myth No wonder Carroll doesn t dwell long on this topic, even though it is crucial to the viability of Carroll s version of MWs Philosophers might go decades playing thought experiments with self locating observers , but physicists are going to want to see these observers perform in the flesh Let s see these phantom observers perform Born calculations at the LHC in the miniscule time interval between decoherence wave function branching and an observation Don t just talk about it, show us I ll bring the popcorn. This book is a sham The author is purely getting off on showing how brilliant he thinks he is to others who purport to know a lot about quantum mechanics There is almost nothing here in the form of explaining what he is talking about to someone who is intelligent but isn t part of the quantum vocabulary club There s nothing like telling us the wave function collapses when it is measured to get across absolutely zippo about what he is talking about.Usually, in my experience, hiding behind non explanatory lingo like this is a sign the writer doesn t really understand the subject matter.The Mr Carroll should take a good, hard look at Relativity Visualized by Lewis Carroll Epstein if he wants to get an inkling of how to actually explain scientific phenomena to those who aren t members of the club Much as he seems to think relativity is merely an adjunct of Newtonian physics and not of great significance compared to quantum mechanics, maybe he d get a clue if he d learn a bit about it. Whether I agree or disagree about how to study and understand QM, gravity and Everything it s both, as I consider and reconsider, page by page I m finding this a clear exposition, intriguing solution and fun read. INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLEROne Of Publishers WeeklysMost Anticipated Books Of The FallAs You Read These Words, Copies Of You Are Being Created Sean Carroll, Theoretical Physicist And One Of This Worlds Most Celebrated Writers On Science, Rewrites The History Of 20th Century Physics Already Hailed As A Masterpiece, Something Deeply Hidden Shows For The First Time That Facing Up To The Essential Puzzle Of Quantum Mechanics Utterly Transforms How We Think About Space And Time His Reconciling Of Quantum Mechanics With Einsteins Theory Of Relativity Changes, Well, Everything Most Physicists Havent Even Recognized The Uncomfortable Truth Physics Has Been In Crisis Since 1927 Quantum Mechanics Has Always Had Obvious Gapswhich Have Come To Be Simply Ignored Science Popularizers Keep Telling Us How Weird It Is, How Impossible It Is To Understand Academics Discourage Students From Working On The Dead End Of Quantum Foundations Putting His Professional Reputation On The Line With This Audacious Yet Entirely Reasonable Book, Carroll Says That The Crisis Can Now Come To An End We Just Have To Accept That There Is Than One Of Us In The Universe There Are Many, Many Sean Carrolls Many Of Every One Of Us Copies Of You Are Generated Thousands Of Times Per Second The Many Worlds Theory Of Quantum Behavior Says That Every Time There Is A Quantum Event, A World Splits Off With Everything In It The Same, Except In That Other World The Quantum Event Didn T Happen Step By Step In Carroll S Uniquely Lucid Way, He Tackles The Major Objections To This Otherworldly Revelation Until His Case Is Inescapably Established Rarely Does A Book So Fully Reorganize How We Think About Our Place In The Universe We Are On The Threshold Of A New Understandingof Where We Are In The Cosmos, And What We Are Made Of.