read online Pdf Skills for Success: The Personal Development Planning Handbook (Palgrave Study Guides)Author Stella Cottrell –

This text seeks to enable students to think creatively and constructively about personal, academic and career goals Individuals are encouraged to identify what success really means to them and to plan an effective path towards achieving their aims The book is rich in structured, reflective and practical activities that develop essential skills and qualities There are also materials for recording achievement and preparing for job applications Students and lecturers delivering personal development planning in higher education should find this a useful guide

11 thoughts on “Skills for Success: The Personal Development Planning Handbook (Palgrave Study Guides)

  1. Ruthe Wills Ruthe Wills says:

    Excellent book, not just for the young Stella Cottrell is an amazing and insightful author Fun Book, but very relevant The Palgrave Study Skills range is synonymous with academic success These books, and this author in particular, know their stuff Very, very good give it a try and you will not put the book down without having gained useful tips and advice to help in your studies and personal development I am using this for undergrad study but it is soon to be passed to one of my children currently studying for A AS levels.

  2. Ana Ana says:

    Great book I wouold defininitely recomment this reference book to anyone who s looking for self improvement recommendtions The book is full of useful advice, exercises, tests. One of the best books I have

  3. Andrea Mileva Andrea Mileva says:

    It s realy helpfulSpecialy for new students

  4. okpe susan okpe susan says:

    Everything went well came on time was in good condition.

  5. Regular shopper Regular shopper says:

    Very informative and useful techniques

  6. Sonia cunha Sonia cunha says:

    The book was in a good condition only had a few words and ticks in the book but they were in pencil so it was easy to come off overall it was a very good purchase use it a lot since I ve gotten it

  7. J P BOXALL J P BOXALL says:

    As expected

  8. nozturk nozturk says:

    Good for personal study skills.

  9. tina k. fusco tina k. fusco says:

    really a useful resource for the price

  10. Susi Mayse Susi Mayse says:

    Title of the listing does not match the title of the book.The book that was delivered is called Skills for Success Personal Development and Employability Palgrave Study Skills 2nd Edition.It is NOT The Personal Development Planning Handbook.