download pdf Six Not-So-Easy Pieces: Einstein's Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-TimeAuthor Matthew Sands –

I ve often wanted to understand how mathematics has been used to define laws that are proven, or not, by experiment.I can understand how experiment can find the mass of an electron, for example But how can a series of equations predict the mass This book provides just such insight without a lot of heavy mathematics You should brush up on basics of motion and the calculus of derivatives to make the most of the book, but it s really not required. This book has allowed me to verify some of the concepts I thought were true, based on other books I have read but did not totally understand Feynman does not presume that the reader can mentally leap from one mathematical concept to another without a conceptual bridge which he usually provides His examples around how the longest elapsed time is the shortest spacetime distance are excellent His explanations of time dilation due to speed and gravity are very clear I really like this book The subjects in this book can be understood by anyone who has some physics and math background but it is not going to work for someone who has no background or has no intention of taking some time to ponder and study. Be careful as even though these are incredibly great books, if you plan to get the larger 3 editions or already have them, the Six Pieces books contain clipped pieces of his lectures Actually, read the reviews on all the feynman small books first to find out what mix of old new stuff based on what you ve already read there is.These six pieces books are great for people who aren t going to buy the larger editions though. This book is unreadable in the Kindle edition I don t know why sells it Kindle format is unsuitable for math and science books The equations and diagrams do not scale In the case of this book, the equations are so tiny, they are unreadable Which makes the book unreadable. It Was Feynman S Outrageous And Scintillating Method Of Teaching That Earned Him Legendary Status Among Students And Professors Of Physics From To , Feynman Delivered A Series Of Lectures At The California Institute Of Technology That Revolutionized The Teaching Of Physics In Six Not So Easy Pieces , Taken From These Famous Lectures, Feynman Delves Into One Of The Most Revolutionary Discoveries In Twentieth Century Physics Einstein S Theory Of Relativity The Idea That The Flow Of Time Is Not Constant, That The Mass Of An Object Depends On Its Velocity, And That The Speed Of Light Is A Constant No Matter What The Motion Of The Observer, At First Seemed Shocking To Scientists And Laymen Alike But As Feynman Shows, These Tricky Ideas Are Not Merely Dry Principles Of Physics, But Things Of Beauty And EleganceNo One,not Even Einstein Himself,explained These Difficult, Anti Intuitive Concepts Clearly, Or With Verve And Gusto, Than Richard Feynman Filled With Wonderful Examples And Clever Illustrations, Six Not So Easy Pieces Is The Ideal Introduction To Fundamentals Of Physics By One Of The Most Admired And Accessible Physicists Of All Times There Is No Better Explanation For The Scientifically Literate Layman , The Washington Post Book World First I m a Physicist, so I have a built in bias I have the hardbound Lecture series, but bought this to read in bed, travelling, or just out in the yard I have lent this to other non physics types so I ll take their word that this makes these subjects easier to understand not easy to understand Like any Feynman book, it will take a read or two to fully understand what he is getting at This book just makes it easier to reread each section as needed.