Six Figure Crowdfunding: The No Bullsh*t Guide to Running a Life-Changing Campaign –

Want to know how to crowdfund projects that make hundreds of thousands of dollars This is how THE HELL DO YOU CROWDFUND , HERES THE ULTIMATE HANDBOOK In this bold, irreverent, hilarious how to guide, bestselling Kickstarter campaign manager Derek Miller takes his millions of dollars of Super Crowdfunding experience and delivers everything you need to know about being a modern entrepreneur in todays global marketplace In other words, this is not a cheesecake cookbook Embrace community and learn how to maximize your MESSAGE, MECHANICS, and MARKETING so you can successfully Get people to give a damn about you and your crazy idea so you can stand out from the noise Avoid the mistakes the rest of us made Discover your creative freedom and make that sweet, sweet cash Accompanied by laugh out loud illustrations by cartoonist Joy Ho, enjoy an exhaustive look into what it takes to manage and execute a successful six figure crowdfunding campaign with overmillion worth of collective advice and pro tips from the world class asskickers who brought you Dude Bro Party Massacre, Augie and the Green Knight , OrganATTACK , The Cyanide Happiness Show , Bunch of Balloons , Superbook ,, Joking Hazard ,, G RO ,, Pillars of Eternity ,, Bones I IV ,, DEREK MILLER is a crowdfunding consultant who helps craft rewards based strategies for early stage startup companies focused on raising capital without sacrificing equity Since , Derek has raised overmillion through three Cyanide Happiness Kickstarter campaigns, each of which launched a new, self sustaining company Hes been featured in Variety, PBS Rewire, USA Todays Moonlighting, and has appeared on Crowdfunding Demystified, Crowdfunding Uncut, and Side Hustle School Currently, Derek serves as the Business Manager at Explosm while mentoring students at the University of Texas at Dallas

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