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It Was Richard Feynman S Outrageous And Scintillating Method Of Teaching That Earned Him Legendary Status Among Students And Professors Of Physics From To , Feynman Delivered A Series Of Lectures At The California Institute Of Technology That Revolutionized The Teaching Of Physics Around The World Six Easy Pieces , Taken From These Famous Lectures On Physics, Represent The Most Accessible Material From The Series In These Classic Lessons, Feynman Introduces The General Reader To The Following Topics Atoms, Basic Physics, Energy, Gravitation, Quantum Mechanics, And The Relationship Of Physics To Other Topics With His Dazzling And Inimitable Wit, Feynman Presents Each Discussion With A Minimum Of Jargon Filled With Wonderful Examples And Clever Illustrations, Six Easy Pieces Is The Ideal Introduction To The Fundamentals Of Physics By One Of The Most Admired And Accessible Physicists Of Modern Times Very simply put if I had been a student and planned on taking classes with Feynman, I would have walked out of the room before the first lecture was over, never to return I can t understand why Feynman was such a popular teacher His style is very scattered He starts with one concept and ends up in a completely different topic without warning, and not just once, but frequently So, no logical and methodical development of any issue here Not to mention that his style is rather childish everything wiggles and jiggles really My husband is a physics PhD We both read the book and could not believe how scatterbrained this whole thing is.By comparison, if one listens to a presentation by Leonard Susskind, one can be sure that he never strays from the subject at hand, and he will stay with it until he has exhausted it from all points of view, pertaining to the original question That is academic excellency.This goes into the trash If Feynman was still alive, he d get a letter from me about this. Sin entrar en el contenido, que todavia no le puedo valorar la presentacion es muy b sica, pero esta bien para leer This book consists of the first six chapters of Feynman s pronounced Fine man s lectures on physics The introduction and prefaces are all historically of interest In the first chapter, he goes into a lot of discussion about atoms and, frankly, it seems like a chemistry intro rather than one for physics When he gets to Chapter 2, he talks about basic physics but most of the time is spent on quantum physics which might be a little overwhelming for someone new to physics Kind of glosses over Isaac Newton and all those others and starts talking about leptons and such Chapter 3 The Relation of Physics to Other Sciences is of tangential interest but doesn t really get to the heart of anything However, 69 pages in, he really gets going and becomes instructive His explanation of conservation of energy is clear and sound, but his discussions of gravitation Chapter 5 and quantum behavior Chapter 6 are the best I ve read and worth the price of the book Note that Chapter 6 is essentially about the wave particle nature of light and Heisenberg s uncertainty principle. I have the full set of physics lectures by Feynman, but this book is a great starting point I have a set of these Essentials of Physics books e.g also Six Not So Easy Pieces, QED and they are very enjoyable to read I do so before my grand niece visits to help me explain physics in a simple way to a 8 year old. This book is enjoyable and brief, while the ideas remain relatable and easily digestible I d suggest this to either a grade school student to foster their interest in the ways the world works or to an adult who s rediscovering what they d lost to the sands of time.Scientific knowledge covered in this book is still useful, mostly because of the author s easily understood style He s like one of those really good, easily relatable teachers that you find every once in a great while If you d like a taste, you can find videos of him lecturing online. Be careful as even though these are incredibly great books, if you plan to get the larger 3 editions or already have them, the Six Pieces books contain clipped pieces of his lectures Actually, read the reviews on all the feynman small books first to find out what mix of old new stuff based on what you ve already read there is.These six pieces books are great for people who aren t going to buy the larger editions though. Seas cient fico o no, todos deber amos leer este libro explica cosas fundamentales de una manera rigurosa pero entendible El mejor profesor de f sica de la historia dicen.